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ACTION FOR ACTION FOR 10 DISARMAMENT DISARMAMENT ACTION FOR DISARMAMENT THINGS YOU CAN DO! 09-54678 ISBN 978-92-1-142287-0 UNITED NATIONS J045223_cvr.indd 1 10 THINGS YOU CAN DO draws the attention of young people around the world to the promotion of international peace and security through disarmament. Young people, in every country of the world, have a critical role to play in getting the public at large to participate in developing new strategies to reduce the threats posed by weapons of mass destruction as well as small and light weapons. This publication helps teenagers and young adults make the public aware of why disarmament is so important to keep the world safe for the future of humankind. In ten practical steps, this publication will help them mobilize, act and promote the disarmament ideals of the United Nations at the local and national level. This publication argues that disarmament is an absolute necessity that can be actively promoted by the world's future generations. UNITED NATIONS 3/17/14 11:01 AM

Action for Disarmament: 10 Things You Can Do

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