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United Nations about the United Nations Published since 1947, Basic Facts about the United Nations serves as a trusted guide to the world’s leading international organization and its system of related agencies. This essential resource for students, researchers and casual readers alike presents a comprehensive overview of United Nations work in support of international peace and security, economic and social development, human rights, humanitarian action and international law. Basic Facts also provides concise information on UN membership and structure, and places current peacekeeping operations in their historical context. This latest edition takes account of the most significant recent developments within the Organization and in the world at large, illustrating the local impact of the UN’s global efforts. Basic Facts Basic Facts about the 2014 13-23713 ISBN 978-92-1-101279-8 DPI/2586 9 789211 012798 Basic Facts about the United Nations 2014

Basic Facts about the United Nations 2014

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