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EDEN IN SLOVENIA European Destinations of Excellence – hidden pearls of Slovenia. 2008: The Soča Valley 2011: Idrija 2009: The Solčavsko region 2010: The Kolpa River The “European Destinations of ExcelleNce” project or, in short, EDEN was designed by the European Commission in accordance with the guidelines of the European tourism policy. The overall objective of the project is to draw attention to the value, diversity, and shared characteristics of European tourist destinations, and to promote destinations, where the economic growth objective is pursued in such a way as to ensure the social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. In Slovenia we decided to participate in the EDEN project in order to identify and award the most sustainable or green destinations, which act in accordance with the principles of environmental, socially responsible, and cultural sustainability, and thus facilitate their further development. Visit EDEN destinations and discover the hidden pearls of Slovenia! Project is financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP.)


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