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GAMECOCK The CONnection News and Views from the University of South Carolina COLLEGE OF NURSING Trusted and Largest – But how Influential? Since 2005 in annual Gallup poll surveys, more than 80% of Americans have rated nurses at the top of the list as having the highest honesty and ethical standards. Other national surveys found that the public trusted nurses for advice and believed that nurses made their care better. As the nation undertakes one of the largest healthcare reform in generations, how influential are our most trusted and largest health care provider workforce in the country? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Gallop Poll recently sampled a broad cross section of American opinion leaders in the public and private sector, academia, and trade organizations. The opinion leaders viewed government (75%) and health insurance executives (56%) as the groups most likely to exert a great deal of influence on health reform, compared with 14% for nurses. Yet respondents say nurses should have more influence. Inside This Issue Students’ Corner.................2-3 Alumni & Development......4-5 Faculty & Staff Notes.........6-9 Events...................................7 Online Institute...................10 NO LIMITS............................11 Send Inquiries or Newsletter items to: Jan Johnson The opinion leaders in this survey said they would like to see nurses have more influence in a large number of areas, including reducing medical errors and improving patient safety (90%); improving quality of care (89%); promoting wellness and expanding preventive care (86%); improving health care efficiency and reducing costs (84%); coordinating care through the health care system (83%); helping the health care system adapt to an aging population (83%); and increasing access to health care (74%). We are experts, strategists, advocates, reformers, and catalysts for change. Together we can leverage as the largest and most trusted health professionals to influence policy and the health systems in which we work and our families receive care. Will our influence in this era of reform be a legacy for future generations or a missed opportunity? Let’s pull up our seats at the table and strengthen our voices to positively influence the future of health and healthcare in our institutions, state, and policy arenas. Jeannette O. Andrews PhD, FNP, RN, FAAN Dean - LIKE US!

March 2014 enewsletter

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