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I SS U E Fall VOLUME 1 S 2013 YEAR S PERSISTENCE + PERFORMANCE + PROGRESSION tudent uccess & M ulticultural I nitiatives NAME SSMI Featured Student SPENCER MCDUFFY MAJOR CLASSIFICATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIOR HOMETOWN MCKINNEY, TEXAS C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N MAILING ADDRESS: B O X T- 0 3 4 0 STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS 76402 S S M I @ TA R L E T O N . E D U PHONE: 254-968-9480 FA X : 2 5 4 - 9 6 8 - 9 4 7 2 L O C AT I O N : THOMPSON STUDENT CENTER ROOM 15 NEWSLETTER EDITOR: ALEXIS FRANCISCO Spencer was chosen as the SSMI featured student for his outstanding student leadership skills in MENtal Freedom. We are thankful to have him in the MENtal Freedom program and know that we will continue to see Spencer make a meaningful impact on the world around him. -Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY? I chose Tarleton State University for the great economic value and the strong agricultural reputation (Spencer is an Animal Science minor). WHAT MAKES TARLETON PROFESSORS DIFFERENT? Tarleton professors get to know the students names and want to keep in touch with them. MENtal Freedom ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I like that Tarleton has that small town feel, where you have a lot of friends and see a lot of familiar faces. “Go Texans!”

TarletonSSMI - Fall 2013 Newsletter

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