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i ss u e OCT-NOV volume 1 S year 2012 S Persistence + Performance + progression tudent uccess & M ulticultural I nitiatives Name SSMI Featured Student Marcus Trey Parks Major Psychology Classification Sophomore Hometown Morgan Mill, Texas Marcus was chosen as the SSMI featured student for his continual involvement in SSMI programs and services. Why did You choose tarleton state university? TSU seemed like a good place to start. I knew that it was going to be a good foundation for anything I wanted to do. The climate was very different compared to high school. TSU welcomed me with open arms, and while the social status took some time and work, it wasn’t impossible. C o n ta c t I n f o r m at i o n Mailing Address: B o x T- 0 3 4 0 Stephenville, Texas 76402 SSMI @ ta r l e t o n . e d u Phone: 254-968-9480 Fa x : 2 5 4 - 9 6 8 - 9 4 7 2 L o c at i o n : Thompson Student Center Room 15 What makes Tarleton professors different? I’ve seen a pretty diverse population of the professors here. You can either get the really stereotypical professor who doesn’t care about the student and has a snarky attitude (which is pretty amusing, I must say), or you can find a professor who will come into your life very subtly and then change it drastically. The professors generally care about the students, and if you’re not careful, you can become a lifelong friend with one. Additional Comments: It’s not easy to be successful. It’s impossible to be successful for anyone other than yourself. If you don’t go for the dream that YOU have for yourself then you’ll have to answer to yourself in the end. From someone who wanted to be successful just because others said I would be: I’ll tell you that you will only run yourself into the ground. What I did with people’s inspiration was told myself that if I failed, I’d let everyone down. I didn’t understand that what they meant was I was inspiring to them just doing the things I did, I didn’t have to go above and beyond. I especially didn’t have to do it for them, I had to do it for me. People saying that you are an inspiration means so much more when you believe it first. ” Newsletter Editor: Monica Pierce

Student Success and Multicultural Intitiatives (SSMI) - Tarleton State - Oct./Nov. Newsletter

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