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Police unmasked killer of robbery victims Read the full story on page 6 NONOY LECHON SERVICES OFFERED OUT OF TOWN ORDER Oro crime rate dips by 52 in Q1 VOL. 2, No. 272 Cagayan de Oro City Monday April 8, 2013 By RUEL V. PELONE Managing editor CAGAYAN de Oro C i t y – – A s e n i or police official in Northern Mindanao on Friday said the crime rate in the city plunged by at least 52 cases in the first three months compared to last year. Supt. Ronnie Francis M. Cariaga, head of the information office of the Regional Police Office in Northern in Mindanao, said the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (Cocpo) recorded 598 cases from January to March this year. Cariaga, based on the See crime/p.10 PCIJ report, dismal effort to undermine JV’s ‘high ratings’ THE Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), on April 5, came up with a story entitled “Manny Villar, JV Ejercito linked to offshore accounts” to which San Juan Rep. JV Ejercito Estrada retorted as a manipulation by some quarters to discredit his good standing in several recent surveys for the May 2013 elections. JV Ejercito Estrada raised questions on the suspicious See ratings/p.10 Bishop to Aquino: Use pork barrel for ‘Poor Magna Carta’ POLICE MATTERS. Supt. Ronnie Francis M. Cariaga, chief of the Regional Public Information of the Police Regional Office 10, gives an update on how the policemen in Northern Mindanao address the problems on the reported rise of criminality in Cagayan de Oro and its preparation for the midterm elections during the just-held News Conference held at the BWM Media Center in Abellanosa Street on Friday morning. Photo by Rolando Sudaia The birth of BusinessDaily and its ‘metamorphosis’ Defying the ‘J-School’ thoughts THEY all started from not h i ng . T he ph r as e sounds familiar as a curtain raiser of most success stories of billionaires who started from scratch. The story of Mark Zuckerberg, one of the developers of Facebook, and Bill Gates, of Microsoft, were awe inspiring that most people could simply say unbelievable. P10.00 For more details, contact Tel. No.: 309-5276 Hermilino Villalon Editorial Notwithstanding, we are not writing a piece of another incredible success story of web programming or social networking site here. We are writing about the phenomenal success of BusinessWeek Mindanao See businessdaily/p.10 THE government should use the pork barrel funds to finance the proposed Magna Carta for the Poor instead of giving it to lawmakers, a church official said. Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo said the millions of poor Filipinos need a measure that would provide them shelter, livelihood, education and health services. He said the government money should be handled by concerned agencies of the government to provide the important needs of the people, and not by lawmakers. “If they are going to utilize it properly, it will really help the poor and not coursed it through the hands of legislators because that is not their job,” said Pabillo, head of the church’s National Secretariat for Social Action. President Benigno Aquino earlier vetoed the See poor/p.10 7 Pinoys await death in Malaysia MALAYSIA has filed terrorism charges against seven Filipinos accused of aiding or supporting a rag-tag army of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram in Sabah where the group is battling security forces. It said seven Filipinos, whose ages are 20 to 63, could face the death penalty if found guilty. A police corporal in Sabah was also charged for not disclosing information about the “terrorist acts” in Lahad Datu town and he could be jailed for seven years if proven guilty by the court. Five of those charged were accused of waging war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or the King of Malaysia whose position is now being held by Tuanku Abdul Halim. They were also accused of joining a terrorist group. The two other Filipinos are facing charges of recruiting and harboring terrorists or participating in terrorism Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III meets with Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, CBCP President. Photo Roy Lagarde See death/p.10 Affordable alternatives to expensive modular gensets sought By MIKE BAÑOS Editor-at-large A COALITION of power consumers in Mindanao is urging local governments, organized business and people’s organizations to take up the cudgels for consumers who would have no choice but to pay higher power rates under the national government’s program to provide soft loans to power cooperatives for modular diesel generators. “There are in fact many things that Mindanao power stakeholders can do in response to the government’s attempt to blackmail Mindanao consumers into accept- ing diesel-fueled modular gen-sets at a cost of 18 pesos per kilowatt hour,” said David A. Tauli, spokesman of the Mindanao Coalition of Power Consumers. “The Association of Mindanao Rural Electric Cooperatives (AMRECO), Mindanao LGUs, Chambers of Commerce, and Mind- anao NG0O’s could initiate the petitions,” said Tauli. The measures listed by Mr. Tauli include the operation of the Iligan Diesel Power Plant (IDPP) under the same terms and conditions as the 2010 power crisis, when it was operated by Napocor/PSALM and only charged consumers for fuel and other consumables; petitioning the government to transfer to Mindanao the three 32-MW power barges in Iloilo, to be operated by NPC-Mindanao to supply power to Mindanao consumers. “These would enable NPC-Mindanao/PSALM to supply the present shortfall in their contracts with their customers in Mindanao, due to the lack of power from their hydropower plants,” Mr. Tauli said. “The rates for the supply from these emergency sources of power should be the same rates NPC-PSALM is now charging, but the Mindanao See gensets/p.10 Editorial: e-mail: • 72-33-44, 856-3344 Advertising: e-mail: Contact cell nos.: 0917-7121424, 0947-8935776

Mindanao Daily News (April 8, 2013 Issue)

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