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November 2-3, 2012 Submitted stories are just one way for the ‘reader’ to feel connected to their community paper. FIRE STRIKES HOME ON ROUTE 34. PAGE 9 l 50 Cents Volume 143 l Issue 43 12th Annual Attorney General Darrell McGraw Warns consumers National of Hurricane Sandy’s Effects and Related Scams Miniature Hurricane Sandy and the related storm effects have caused Exhibition major damage to homes and to infrastructure. Citizens can be opening left without power for extended On Sunday, November 4, 2012 the Renaissance art gallery will host an opening reception for the 12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition for artists and the public. Everyone is welcome to come in and see this wonderful and unique art show. With 70 artists, this is our biggest miniature show ever. There are over 200 pieces of fine art ranging from oil paintings to sculptures, all small enough to hold in your hand. The reception will be held November 4 from 2-4 pm in the exhibition room of the Renaissance gallery. The show will run until December 9, 2012. the Gallery is located in the historic Renaissance Building on the ground floor. The Renaissance Art Gallery, 900 8th Street, Suite #20, Huntington, WV 25701; Gallery (304) 525-3235; Appointments: (304) 453-3187 - periods of time. Governor Tomblin has declared a State of Emergency in West Virginia. With the emergency declaration, additional government services become readily available. Attorney General Darrell McGraw is issuing a warning to consumers to beware of those who will try to take advantage of West Virginia citizens. During State of Emergency conditions, scam artists are always out trying to take advantage of our citizens, specifically in small communities. They come around claiming to assist with repairs and other situations that arise from the emergency condition and end up preying on those who are most vulnerable. Seniors are often victimized by traveling contractors who show up after major weather events, McGraw said. If you’ve been a victim of a scam or excessive or unjustified increases in pricing of essential goods and services during a State of Emergency, contact the Attor- ney General’s Toll-Free hotline at 1-800-368-8808. SEE EXHIBITION ON PAGE 4 HOW TO REACH US PHONE: (304) 743-6731 FAX: (304) 562-6214 No Resolution in Sight for Century Aluminum By Christin Daugherty CHARLESTON - Century Aluminum continues to be up in arms with the Public Service Commission over electricity rates. In 2009, the manufacturing plant, located in Ravenswood, WV, was forced to close its doors after the price of aluminum dropped dramatically during the recession, sending at least 650 workers to the unemployment line. Earlier this year, in an attempt to reopen the plant, Century proposed a 10-year, three-part plan to Appalachian Power to cover the estimated $108 million per year in electricity it would cost the company to maintain operations. The first part of the plan, approved by the Legislature earlier this year, would use up to $20 million annually in coal severance tax credits that would be distributed to the power plants in exchange for a lower rate. The second part, states that current AEP customers will continue to pay $17.3 million per year to cover the remainder of the electric bill that was left when Century closed in 2009. A SEE CENTURY ON PAGE 8 The Putnam Standard VISIT US ONLINE AT: WWW.THEPUTNAMSTANDARD.COM

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