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Holiday Gift Guide A S P E C I A L S U P P L E M E N T TO T H E PAY S O N R O U N D U P Christmas is coming to The Nook November 20, 2012 The Nook will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland! Be sure and check out our Santa Corner with great gift ideas galore. Check off your Christmas list as you find jewelry, purses, mugs, Christmas crafts and more. All our winter clothes will be on display. Coats, Sweaters, Tops, Suites and Boots. 113 E. Cedar Lane Payson AZ 85541 928-474-2963 Circle K South to find, y s a e e ’r e W Beeline! e h t f f o t h rig 113 East Cedar Lane Beeline The Nook ~ New & Resale Merchandise All proceeds go to New Beginnings Pregnancy and Parenting Center S E W N

Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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