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DRUMMING FOR FANATICS 143 BEATS THAT INVENTED ROCK DRUMMING Bill Rieflin NEW TRADING CARDS! D G R CE LT U IC M M eo Th att rge Bo om Ke S ne a lly ch s s H D win TH a ROP d E TO mli KICK t FL SS ER n B MU OGG S LA RP ING CK HY M 47 S OLL Y RETURNS TO ITS ROOTS M PU ER NK S BILL RIEFLIN Jim Keltner Joey Kramer Alphonse Mouzon 43 4 MAY 2008 Spencer ddrum Smith OF PANIC Dominion AT THE DISCO MAPLE DRUMS 143 c FINAL.indd 1 $ 5.99 US NEW LICKS FROM Paul Bostaph Drum Teachers ROUNDTABLE Dee Plakas REUNITED WITH DONITA SPARKS 6 $ 5.99 CAN 02648 57410 MAY 2008 5 0 5 3/14/08 3:04:47 PM

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