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HALF HOLLOW HILLS Copyright © 2013 Long Islander Newspapers, LLC Online at N E W S P A P E R VOLUME FIFTEEN, ISSUE 33 24 PAGES THURSDAY, APRIL 25 , 2013 DIX HILLS Chai Center Expansion 95-Percent Done Synagogue still trying to find $120,000 to fund final projects in 2.4-million plan Construction is nearly complete on an expansion at the Chai Center that will double the size of the Dix Hills synagogue, but funding may be an issue. Chai Center officials sent an email last week saying that $120,000 in bonds earning 3-percent interest were being sold. MELVILLE Biohazard Emergency Drill Planned By Luann Dallojacono (Continued on page A17) (Continued on page A17) Rabbi Yackov Saacks stands in the Chai Center’s new mikvah, a bath used for ritual immersions, which will become one of the few on Long Island. MELVILLE Demolition Of Empire Szechuan Nears Worker’s comp paperwork last stumbling block By Danny Schrafel Half Hollow Hills photo/archives Wailing of sirens and emergency vehicles racing to Melville this Saturday may not necessarily be cause for alarm. The U.S. Postal Service announced on Monday plans to conduct an emergency preparedness exercise in Melville on April 27. The exercise, to be held at the Mid Island Mail Processing & Distribution Center at 160 Duryea Road, is intended to test response plans to a biohazard event. “It’ll be as though there was anthrax,” USPS spokeswoman Connie Chirichello said. As a full-scale drill, the exercise will include evacuating employees and receiving emergency responders. “If people drive by, they may see a lot of police cars and fire engines on the main street. We will be having our biohazard detection equipment coming in on trucks, so they may hear sirens,” Chirichello said. The exercise, which is expected to disrupt traffic in the vicinity, is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. and last about three hours, postal officials said. The Melville Fire Department will participate, as will other community mutual aid responders, Suffolk County Public Health Department, That would cover the last of their twoyear, $2.4-million project. But on Friday, Rabbi Yackov Saacks learned both civil and Jewish law prevent that transaction. “We cannot call it a bond,” Saacks said. “You cannot lend money with interest.” The price tag to add another 12,000 square feet onto the original 12,000 square-foot building was originally $2.2 million. Those expenses increased by $200,000 since work began in April 2011. Officials said most of the funding has already been secured. According to Saacks, “generous people helping the cause” donated about $1.7 million, and the center borrowed $350,000 from the bank. With bonding off the table, the rabbi said they need to find another source for the remaining $120,000. “We go back to the drawing board,” he said. “We’re looking for angels.” Construction began with a groundbreaking in March 2011. Plans originally called for three phases, with the first two going simultaneously. According to those plans, a 4,500 square-foot addition was to be built onto each floor to allow for six additional classrooms, a 3,000 square-foot social hall to Half Hollow Hills photo/Mike Koehler By Mike Koehler Town officials said a demolition permit is just around the corner for the owners of the deteriorating Empire Szechuan building on Route 110 in Melville. All that Great Neck-based Melville Pacific LLC needs to do before they receive a demolition permit, according to town spokesman A.J. Carter, is submit documentation of worker’s compensation insurance. The owners, Carter said, plan to demolish the entire building except for one wall and part of the foundation, and build the new structure around the surviving pieces. “Before they issue the permit, they have to provide certain documentation, and one is a worker’s comp certificate for the people involved in it,” Carter said Friday. “We’re just waiting, and [assistant Town Attorney] A demolition permit for the former home Empire Szechuan is waiting on worker’s compensation insurance paperwork, town officials said last week. Patricia Flynn is trying to double-back with them so everything can proceed.” Empire Szechuan closed in 2008, and since then, the building has twice been on the town’s blighted property registry. The owners of Melville Pacific said they plan to build a new restaurant, called Fujiyama Mama, which will focus on sushi with American food incorporated. IN THIS WEEK’S EDITION Hills School Board Finalizes Budget A3 GET YOUR COPIES OF THIS EDITION AT LOCATIONS THROUGHOUT THE COMMUNITY (see list on page 20) Register for free digital subscription at Hicksville, NY 11801 Permit No. 66 CRRT SORT US Postage PAID STANDARD RATE

Half Hollow Hills Newspaper - April 25, 2013

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