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Issuu is the all-in-one platform to create and distribute beautiful digital content, from marketing materials and magazines to catalogs and portfolios. Turn PDFs into:

  • Embeddable flipbooks

  • Social posts

  • Email graphics

Simply upload your file, customize it, and publish. Create once, share everywhere with Issuu.

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Issuu's features that can be added onto a flipbook to make it interactive.

How it works:

  1. Get started by creating an account. 

  2. Select the file you want to publish and upload it from your device, Dropbox, or Google drive. (Don't have a file ready? Use our Canva or InDesign integrations to design one and upload it in a few clicks.) 

  3. Start customizing. Use Issuu's intuitive features to add links and videos or repurpose your files as GIFs and social media assets.

  4. Share it. Your flipbooks can be shared in stunning fullscreen mode or easily embedded into your website with auto-generated links.

Centralize all digital content in one platform.

Instantly turn your designs into derivative assets for all digital platforms, including:

  • Social posts and stories

  • Email newsletter graphics

  • Easily add digital flipbooks to websites and blogs

Drive more engagement and captivate your audience with high-performance content across all channels.

A mobile article on a mobile phone next to a digital flipbook to show content repurposing and omnichannel promotion

Grow your content library to grow your business.

Issuu helps you add to your sales strategy and track your success through:

  • Commission-free sales of your publications

  • Shopping links and web link integrations

  • Page-level statistics

Get more out of your content.

Issuu's Statistics feature analyzes customer publications to show impressions, reads, read-time, clicks, and more.

A complete solution for sharing digital content


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Learn to embed your Issuu created stories directly into email using Mailchimp. More from our latest blog.


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Transform Canva assets into flipbooks and mobile-optimized articles to distribute across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Read more about the integration on our blog.


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Turn existing InDesign content into mobile and social ready assets. Learn more.

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Use your promo code at checkout for 50% off your first year of Issuu.



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Create Articles, Social Posts, GIFs

Access 30-day statistics

Upload 500 pages or 100MB per file



Control your brand

$44/ mo

Billed yearly

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Get everything in Starter plus:

Customize flipbooks

Remove external ads

Get advanced embedding options

Add your brand logo and colors

Publish up to 50 flipbooks privately

Sell flipbooks commission-free

Use advanced sharing options

Access in-depth statistics

Upload 5,000 pages or 500MB per file



Unlimited everything

$269/ mo

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Get everything in Premium plus:

Publish and share unlimited private flipbooks

Enjoy $2k in advertising credits

Remove Issuu logo from content

Unlock unlimited API access

Receive priority customer support

Upload 5,000 pages or 2GB per file

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Publish up to 5 documents, 50 pages per document, 50 MB per document

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