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wordplay The Newsletter of Young Playwrights Inc August 2011 Congrats 2011 National Winners The winners of the 2011 Young Playwrights Inc. National Playwriting Competition have been selected! They are: Annika Bennett, Eugene, OR for THE CONVERSATION PIECE A man from Mona’s past wastes away on her couch while she is visited by a woman carrying Mona’s absent boyfriend’s child. Despite this unconventional companionship, her longing threatens to consume her. Josh Brown, Denver, CO for SOMETHING SLAVIC A dark comedy involving a Slavic superintendent pits a hapless tenant whose kidney is stolen against a coke dealer collecting on his debts. Hayley Tyler Chin, New York, NY for JENNA’S BIRTHDAY Jenna longs for what many young women do: independence, love, and a rewarding career. However, she suffers from an impairment that prevents her from perceiving the left side of things and threatens to confine her to her overprotective parents’ home. Elise Klieber, Oak Park, IL for TANGLED Six lives are bound together by love and family. As the group learns more about each other, the knowledge threatens to rip them apart. Tatjana Mutinelli, Santa Barbara, CA for MURPHY’S LAW A lonely and controlling man is forced to re-evaluate his relationships when his best friend leaves him in pursuit of a freer life. Paige E. Roth, Castle Rock, CO for THE PRICE OF GAS A lonely man takes in a wounded woman and nurses her back to health in the basement of his gas station. When his godson comes to stay with him, the bubble of isolation bursts. Ruby Spiegel, New York, NY for CARRIE AND FRANCINE While attempting to cope with the teenage pressures of staying thin and impressing boys, two best friends discover just how far they will go for each other. Zachary Weaver, Overland Park, KS for LOGANHEIM, THE CLOCK SMASHER In this poetic romp, Loganheim’s alter-ego rages war against time keeping devices in an attempt to extend his carefree youth—even if it is just for a minute. These talented writers will be attending our Young Playwrights Conference January 4-12, 2011 in New York City to workshop their plays in preparation for Off-Broadway staged readings on January 10-12. They will be joined by two 2010 winners who deferred participation until this year: Ruby Spiegel, Brooklyn, NY for ALL YE KNOW and Benjamin Sprung-Keyser, Los Angeles, for WHAT ALL SCHOOLCHILDREN LEARN. Congratulations to all!

Wordplay August 2011

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