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Essential Edge News THE NEWS OF THE WORLD LEADER IN ESSENTIAL OILS Volume 3.5 May 2013 Founder’s Message Register Now! You Want Free Oils? We Have Them. Just Help Friends Believe. THE DRIVE BEHIND the 2013 International Grand Convention is to help you believe in yourself and in your dreams—and that achieving them is not only possible but necessary. As a result, the convention is designed to motivate and instruct you. With that as the motivator, we have developed two promotions to encourage you to spread this message by inviting your new distributors to the convention! Help them to believe in themselves! Believe in Unmatched Education! BRING A FRIEND, EARN A FREE EXOTIC OIL! As the premier Young Living educational and networking event of the year, the International Grand Convention is the perfect place for a new distributor to get a running start at success with Young Living. Bring a new distributor to the convention, and not only will you be helping a new member develop a solid foundation, but you will also receive one of our new, exotic essential oils free! When you and a new distributor you have personally enrolled with an Essential Rewards order between now and June 2 attend the convention, you (the enroller) will receive one of our eagerly anticipated exotic essential oils for free! For offer details and to register now, visit D. Gary Young, ND Wayne Dyer, PhD FREE EXOTIC OILS WITH CONVENTION REGISTRATION PACKS! Young Living, the World Leader in Essential Oils®, has scoured the globe to collect six of the most exotic essential oils in the world—and these Young Living exclusives are available only at the convention! When you order one of our special $99 registration packs, you can be one of the first people to experience these Young Living exclusives for free! From now through June 2, you may buy four, six, or ten packs of $99 registrations to gift to friends, family, and rising stars in your organization to encourage them to attend our life-changing convention. When you order these packs, you will receive up to six free new oils at the convention! Take advantage of the opportunity to experience our exclusive new oils and share Young Living with your family and friends! This is the year and the convention to bring with you as many distributors as you can, because everything starts with belief. See you at the convention! Mahmoud Suhail, MD HK Lin, PhD Join Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young, ND; Wayne Dyer, PhD; Mahmoud Suhail, MD; and HK Lin, PhD, for must-see presentations! THE ONE OF OUR favorite times of the year is speeding toward us—the 2013 International Grand Convention! The week bursts with a tingling energy of optimism and joy as we converge on Salt Lake City to be part of a mission that we can only fulfill together: Young Living oils in every home. I chose this year’s theme—Believe—because it is at the heart of everything Young Living stands for. I have lived my life and built this company with a belief that there is a better way to live—a life of success and fulfillment. I did not want to be somebody who just worked hard, paid taxes, and then died. Being driven by my belief that I could make a difference, I went forth with determination and a vision that has encompassed the globe. You are the messengers who have carried that vision since we started more than 20 years ago and have watched Young Living blossom as the World Leader in Essential Oils®. Now is the time to celebrate our belief in ourselves, our gratitude for God’s healing gift of essential oils, and our excitement of Young Living. Let’s celebrate like never before at this year’s convention on June 18–22. I can promise you that this will be a time of learning and discovery that you will never forget. This is a year for all of us to Believe in our Transformation, a year to renew, and perhaps even a year to change our life’s mission. Don’t wait! Act now and let that transformation envelope you as you soar to new heights, believing in yourself with the anticipation of what is coming and what just might be around the corner. Register now and join us for the 2013 International Grand Convention. See you there! Essential Edge News page 1


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