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CALLY ROBYN WOLK “Education was going to be my ticket out of here. The first train that comes to Nashville, I’m getting on it. I won’t be defined by a statistic, like ‘how people who grow up in this area are more likely to turn out.’ Not me! I won’t!” – E R I C n e xt g e n e r ation pre s s KATHLEEN CUSHMAN “My identity in my house is ‘the one that goes to college, the one that’s trying to do something for her life.’ Everybody looks at me, they’re proud of me. Just to know that somebody is proud of you makes you even reach for more.” – A I L E E N First in the Family ADVICE ABOUT COLLEGE FROM FIRST-GENERATION STUDENTS “I didn’t have a big sister or brother or even a cousin to go to and say, ‘What did you do in order to get in?’ So I read other people’s accounts in books. Things don’t always fall in your lap, you know what I’m saying? Like, everybody’s not searching you out. You have to take the initiative.” – N I E M A First in the Family A DV I C E A B O U T CO L L EG E F RO M F I R ST- G E N E RAT I O N ST U D E N TS Your High School Years BY KATHLEEN CUSHMAN

First in the Family: Your High School Years

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