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wisconsin union FALL • 2012 CATALOG MINI COURSES Welcome! Welcome to the Fall Mini Course catalog. Autumn offers a bounty of opportunities and we have tried to capture some of them for you! Please join us – Register early to insure your space in the courses that you want… Inside 3 4 5 6 7 NEW! 8 Photography, music lessons, written words… Mind Matters Technology to meditations! Outside & Inside Money Helps New Cuisine Explore traveling, from Tour Management to Languages for Travel, or Fly Free Sleep Free to Traveling Solo we have you covered for better, more informed travel. Prepare now for future, great travels… Be a better money manager, make more money and make sure your assets go to the folks you want them to after you are gone… Create your will, learn how to make millions or successfully stage your home for sale. Sabi and Kiki return to share Mediterranean and Thai cooking tips. Bill, owner of the Malt House, enhances our Beer Geekness! Plus the Wednesday Wines Series continues with three new offerings… Adventures, cuisines & home stuff On the Move Dance, more dance & martial arts Yoga & Travel Most travel courses ever! The Craftshop Lives! Pottery, art metals, fabric arts… Registration Info Register in 4 easy ways. Genealogy Interested in discovering your family’s history? We will look at how to begin genealogy, what resources are available, how to keep track of your information and genealogy standards. You will learn how to find information on the Internet as well as the large amount of information available at your local libraries. Emphasis will be on using free computer programs and Internet sources. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Sherry Lloyd is an experienced genealogist with over 25 years of experience. #4740.201 TUE 6-8pm, Sept 25-Oct 9 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff) NEW! A Travel Feast Master That Podium Have folks walking away from your presentations saying “Wow, she (or he) was a great presenter!” Learn the tips and tricks, from an accomplished public speaker with over 20 years of experience, that will take your podium presentations from good to great. We will cover getting rid of any nerves you may (still) have, methods for keeping your audience engaged and creating a podium presence that exudes confidence and credibility. Register today and become master of the podium! 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Kay Price is an accomplished speaker with over 20 years of experience willing to share her tips and pointers. #3500.301 WED 7-9pm, Nov 7 $24.50(Student/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff ) Spanish for Fun! Learn beginning Spanish through short films, popular stories and current issues. Designed for those with no previous knowledge of Spanish who want to give it a try in a fun and relaxed environment. Sec. 301, no class 11/22. 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Marisol Bedrinana, native Spanish speaker and experienced instructor with vast travel experience in Spain and Latin America. #3065.201 THR 6-7:30pm, Oct 18-Nov 8 #3065.301 THR 6-7:30pm, Nov 15-Dec 13 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff) Basic Medical Spanish You Can Juggle! Develop your basic Spanish language skills in health care scenarios. Enhance your ability to provide quality care and build relationships with Spanish-speaking patients. Spanish grammar and medical vocabulary for concrete health care situations covered, including things like admissions, health history and physical exams. All levels of Spanish welcome, learning materials included in course fee. 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Marisol Bedrinana is a native Spanish speaker and experienced tutor. Anyone can learn how to juggle, even you! Learn the “three ball cascade” before working your way up to a number of trick variations including three and four ball tricks, rings, and clubs. For beginners and experienced jugglers alike. Learn to juggle – it is fun, it is therapeutic, and you will amaze your friends! 5 meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Melonhead, a member of the International Jugglers Association. #3070.201 TUE 6-7:30pm, Oct 16-Nov 6 #3070.302 TUE 6-7:30pm, Nov 13-Dec 4 $54.50(Students/U.Mem)$64.50(Fac/Staff) Uniquely Yours #4700.201 TUE 7:30-9pm, Sept 18-Oct 16 $39.50(Student/U.Mem)$49.50(Fac/Staff ) Murder, Mayhem & Becoming a Private Eye What’s it like to be a real woman detective? If you love reading mysteries and solving them and you watch crime shows on TV, this class is for you. Find out what a real detective does. Kay started out with a legal pad and a murder case. She will tell you about some of her best cases, and how you too can become a real Private Eye. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Kay Price, owner of Price Detective Agency. #4580.301 MON 7-9pm, Nov 5 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff) Tour Management Find out how to get a job as a tour guide or a tour manager for a company escorting others in the U.S. or throughout the world. There are hundreds of tour guide specializations to choose from - aerobics to winery tours. You will learn the four income sources available to professionals in the guiding field and much, much more. Optional booklet available (approximately $10). 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter has led tours to exotic locations throughout the world. He started the country’s second tour director training program. Growing Blueberries in Dane County Anyone who has tried to grow blueberries in Dane County knows it isn’t easy - but it can be done! Learn the tips and tricks to make your blueberry plants a success. Topics include soil type, soil and water pH, methods for testing pH, how to transplant shrubs, blueberry varieties that thrive in our climate, pruning, growing new plants from cuttings, and dealing with garden pests and other issues. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Eric Johnson, a local gardener who grows blueberries, raspberries and prairie plants on Madison’s east side. In 2010, he harvested three gallons of fruit from his blueberry shrubs. #4532.301 MON 7-8:30pm, Nov 12&19 $34.50(Students/U.Mem)$44.50(Fac/Staff) NEW! 2 An Artisty U Featuring… Dinner & Dialog: Shaping Our Towns & Cities A special free event at Union South. Join us for our second year of the Dinner & Dialog series. Through a facilitated two-night dialog we will explore a variety of issues including how to create the communities we want to live in, the different visions for the future of our towns and cities and what forces are shaping them. Explore a list of possibilities for creating what it takes to make a really good community, a good town or city to live in via a facilitated dialog designed to explore, further develop, and consider the implications of each possible change. We will also take time to reflect on how this discussion worked for us and how we might engage in our own quality public policy deliberation/dialog. This FREE event includes dinner each evening. It is presented in cooperation with Wisconsin Union Directorate and the Interactivity Foundation. Registration is required and you are expected to attend both dates. #4000.201 MON 6-9pm, Oct 8 & 15 FREE! – Preregistration is required. #3095.201 SUN 9-11am, Oct 14 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff) F U L L C O U R S E I N F O & R E G I S T R A T I O N O N W E B : : [web] wisc.ed u/mi ni c ours es [p hone] 262.3156 1

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