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Warren Wilson College FIVE YEAR GRADUATE OUTCOME SURVEY CLASS OF 2008 The Career Development Center is pleased to share the graduate outcome results for the class of 2008, five years following their graduation. The data were obtained from an online survey sent to individual email addresses through Survey Monkey. Current Status of the Class of 2008 CLASS OF 2008 CURRENT STATUS 8.5% 12.2% Employed full-time 8.5% Graduate study full-time only Employed part-time 7.3% Employment full-time Graduate study part-time 6.1% Seasonal employment Graduate study full-time Employment part-time 2.4% Travel 2.4% 52.4% Sector of the Economy in which Graduates are Employed 19.7% Caring for my family and home (full-time) SECTOR OF THE ECONOMY IN WHICH GRADUATES ARE EMPLOYED For Profit Business Non-Governmental Organization Educational Institution 19.7% 54.5% 6.1% Governmental Agency

Class of '08 outcome survey

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