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NOMINATED: GUARDIAN STUDENT NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR 2009 20 Ed 0th itio n! TUESDAY October 13th, 2009 ISSUE 200 WWW.YORKVISION.CO.UK nick hewer - features - EXCLUSIVE YORK FIGHTS FASCISTS - PAGE 6 - BOMB SCARE - PAGE 3 - BIOLOGY SEARCH Claudia hunt moves close to home - PAGE 7 - freshers' simon magazine bird - pullout - - SCENE - FORGOTTEN CAMPUS BY EMILY FAIRBAIRN UNI TOP bosses delivered a stab in the back to students by slashing essential services over the holidays. Without consulting students, the University has SCRAPPED 24/7 portering and DITCHED Derwent bar. The multi-million pound Hes East site opens its doors this week to 600 new freshers - but the Uni has abandoned students and staff on the old campus. Despite a massive boost in income generated by the new students, Heslington Hall big wigs have failed to invest in student safety and welfare. Instead, resources have been stretched across the two campuses, resulting in 24/7 porters being AXED from Langwith, Vanbrugh and Derwent. Claims by the Uni that "porters do not fulfil a welfare role" have been slammed by students and porters as "INSULTING". Many believe that this is just the latest step in plans to scrap the roundthe-clock service entirely. To add insult to injury, the University shut down Derwent bar without warning. Although YUSU have leapt to Derwent's rescue, the bar can only stay open if the Union is able make a profit from the venue over a 5 week trial period. "The University handled this entirely poorly," said Derwent Chair Joe Rankin. "The bar is an essential social space and provides a heart to the college, the closure of which would leave the college dead." Screwed over continually by the University, students have been left wondering- exactly WHERE do those tuition fees go? FULL STORY PAGES 4 & 5 WHATEVER HAPPENED TO HES WEST?

York Vision 200

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