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In this issue Interdisciplinary Research 1 Dr. Paul Abramowitz 2 Exploring Pharmacy 3 Upcoming Events 4 FACULTY NOTES Dr. Katherine Wall and Dr. Steve Sucheck Researchers integrate disciplines to develop cancer vaccines BY CYNTHIA NOWAK An interdisciplinary cancer research project headed by two UT professors is customizing vaccines to battle the elusive disease. Dr. Katherine Wall, professor and vice chair of medicinal and biological chemistry, and Honors College director for pharmacy, and Dr. Steve Sucheck, associate professor of chemistry, are co-principal investigators on a threeyear grant from the National Institutes of Health titled “Synthesis of Glycopeptide-Based Cancer Antigen Vaccines.” The synthetic vaccines under development are not intended to prevent cancer, explained Sucheck, but to bolster the response of the body’s immune system—since from a treatment standpoint, one of cancer’s most frustrating characteristics is its ability to become resistant to that first line of defense. Read more Dr. Youssef Sari’s research was recently published in Alcohol and Alcoholism. His research findings demonstrate that ceftriaxone, an antibiotic, might be used for the treatment of alcohol dependence. This antibiotic seems to decrease alcoholand drug-seeking behavior in rats and might be effective in humans as well. Dr. Sharrel Pinto, assistant professor of pharmacy health care administration, is mentioned in the April 2011 issue of Pharmacy Today for her contributions to the Emerging Issues Task Force, which focuses on medication therapy management.

Refill August 2011

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