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GAMECOCK The CONnection News and Views from the University of South Carolina COLLEGE OF NURSING JULY 2014 Summer: A Time for New Beginnings “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Inside This Issue Students Corner..................2-3 Faculty & Staff Notes.........4 Upcoming Events................5 Alumni & Development......6-7 NO LIMITS............................8 Send Inquiries or Newsletter items to: Jan Johnson As F. Scott Fitzgerald infers, the summer is a time for new beginnings. Here in the College, we are celebrating the return of our students and faculty who participated in our first study abroad in Munich and Nuremberg. We are hearing from recent graduates about their job offers as a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner, or a faculty member. Our current students are sending us notes about their summer internships and travels across the globe. High school students and their parents are touring the campus, new freshmen are participating in various orientation events, and newly admitted graduate students in the Master’s and Doctoral programs are making life changes in preparation to return to school. Increasingly, students across all programs are taking courses online or on campus during the summer, to be able to start their new career a bit sooner. Faculty are preparing exciting and innovative curriculums for new and revised programs, working on publications, conducting innovative research, traveling, and hopefully enjoying a brief respite with their own families. Our administrators and staff are completing end of the year projects and planning for the new and returning students, as well as new faculty and staff who will join us in August. Despite the whereabouts of our Gamecock Nursing family this summer, I hope that you are in the midst of new beginnings and new memories. Enjoy these long summer days and cool moonlit nights, taking some time for yourself, and focusing on your own renewal. Please review the calendar in the newsletter and make plans now to join us for several special events, including our 50th Anniversary of the Viana McCown Lectureship on October 17, which is also homecoming weekend. Keep sending us your stories and updates and we look forward to seeing you very soon. Jeannette O. Andrews PhD, RN, FAAN Dean & Professor - LIKE US!

July 2014 enewsletter

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