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GAMECOCK The CONnection News and Views from the University of South Carolina COLLEGE OF NURSING AUGUST 2014 Global Perspectives I have just returned from the Sigma Theta Tau 25th International Nursing Research Congress in Hong Kong, where I was invited to present my research findings on women in public housing. There were over 1000 nurse scientists from over 40 countries in attendance. In both “developing” and developed countries, costs of healthcare are soaring, as individuals are living longer with chronic health conditions and increasing complexity. Many European and Asian countries are attempting to increase the proportion of “university trained nurses” (our equivalent to BSN) and are increasing their efforts towards advanced practice nursing. Regardless of one’s country of residence, gaps in health care access, especially among the most impoverished, continue to plague our global efforts. The highlight of my trip included a tour of the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. Hong Kong has both public and private hospitals. This particular private hospital is rated as the premiere hospital in Hong Kong and has 500 beds and 30 specialist centers. Cynthia C. Huie-Rose, the Matron of Nursing (our equivalent to a Chief Nursing Officer), provided the tour (see photo). She proudly wore her nursing cap and explained that the stripes denote ranking. Her cap has 2 navy stripes with a red center, while directors’ caps have two stripes (no fill), and registered nurses’ cap have one stripe. The hospital is positioned in a prime location, with fabulous views of the Happy Valley Race Course, in which betting on horses is a local favorite pastime. Interestingly, patients are assigned rooms based on the amount of money they are willing to pay. So there are no medical wards –rather patients are mixed on units based on price with the more expensive rooms on the higher levels (and better views of the race course). The largest patient room is over 3000 square feet in size and occupied by a “VIP” (unable to see during the tour). An elite ICU bed with an adjoining family room costs up to $25,000 USD per day (and this is just for the bed). All rooms are equipped with IE Buddy, a patient “infotainment” terminal operating on Windows 7, in which patients can make phone calls, search the web, watch television, receive education, etc., as well for clinicians’ use to access the patient record at the bedside. The technology is really incredible! Globally, over one of two health professionals are nurses. Although we work in different settings in many different locations, we have a common theme of advocating for patients and the populations we serve! Looking forward to seeing you at the Viana McCown event on October 17th. You can find the link to register in the following pages. Jeannette O. Andrews PhD, RN, FAAN Dean & Professor - LIKE US! Send Inquiries to:

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