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WINTER 2012 Greetings From Dean Comer the country. This semester we visited with alumni and friends of CAS in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington In the last year students in D.C. My hope is to visit several different the College of Arts and Sciences cities each semester, reconnecting had the opportunity to engage in with friends and sharing the vision educational experiences extending of the College. Please visit our web beyond the classroom. Roughly 380 students completed internships, about page or join us on Facebook (College of Arts and Sciences, 125 students went international for University of Montana) to find out study abroad courses, and well over where we are headed next. Stay tuned 100 students were involved in the for a visit in a city near you! UM Conference on Undergraduate With the generous support of research. In this winter 2012 Newsletter our alumni and friends we continue to you will find stories profiling research, enhance the educational experiences of our students. Thank you for recent publications and honors and achievements by our faculty, staff, and remaining connected to the College. students. Cheers, The College is working to Chris Comer increase its presence in cities across Greetings! Issue IN THIS 1 Greetings from Dean Comer 2 Student Experiences 4 Physics and Astronomy100th Anniversary Alumni Interview 5 Alumni Award Research News 6 CAS Bookshelf 7 Faculty Interview Departmental Updates Published by The College of Arts & Sciences of The University of Montana Dean: Chris Comer Contributing Editors: Sarah Hinkle and Jenny McNulty Production Staff: Dani McLaughlin Kelley Willett and Melanie Hoell Design: Ashley Barber Production: UM Printing & Graphic Services The University of Montana College of Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts 136 Missoula, MT 59812 Phone: (406) 243-2632 Fax: (406) 243-4076 E-mail:

College of Arts and Sciences Winter Newsletter 2012

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