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WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL HEADS TO THE NCAA TOURNAMENT. PAGE 12. VOLUME 45, ISSUE 17 WWW.UCSDGUARDIAN.ORG MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2011 ONLINE Committee Proposes New Features for WebReg By Natalie Covate Senior Staff Writer Proposed changes to TritonLink and WebReg include the possibility of allowing students to switch sections without dropping a class. Other possible changes include a new mobile site and being able to register on any smartphone, though the committee has not announced an official launch date for the changes to take effect. “There will be lots of changes in integration which [ACS] needs to work on,” TritonLink Executive Committee undergraduate representative and Campuswide Senator Karen Liang said. “A lot of people have come to me saying that it’s difficult having a lot of tabs open [for registration], so we’re making this all one window.” The schedule of classes, class planner and registration sign-up time are among the registration tools that will be included in the single-window WebReg. The TritonLink Executive Committee is also discussing changing the calendar feature so students can add personal events, extracurricular activities and work schedules to their planner in order to see if there are time conflicts. “We’re going to make TritonLink a lot simpler,” Liang said. “We don’t even know if we are going to call it WebReg after this because [the changes will affect] the whole toolbox [of TritonLink].” In addition, students can now register for classes via smartphone by using the m.ucsd. edu mobile website. The iPhone application will also be run ▶ LEISURE TRANSPORTATION BEST OF SAN DIEGO Guardian staffers pick the premier theatres, restaurants, thrift stores and more of America’s finest city. best Coffee 1. Lestat’s Coffee House 3343 Adams Ave., Normal Heights 2. Pannikin Coffee & Tea 7467 Girard Ave., La Jolla 3. Filter Coffee House 1295 University Ave., Hillcrest 4. Purple Café 4338 Cass St., Pacific Beach 5. The Living Room 1010 Prospect St., La Jolla C offee shops open 24-hours present a curious paradox: They’re perfect for the undergrad who needs to cram way past Geisel’s closing time, but they’re also perfect for another crowd: vagrants. This is precisely what makes hotspots like Lestat’s Coffee House and Filter Coffee House so appealing. The coffee at these caffeine-havens can win over drunks and laptop zombies alike, but the edge goes to Lestat’s in this matchup, where you can find amusing art work, hot baristas playing postpunk and an all-ages music venue (Lestat’s West) next door. A short bus ride from campus can take you to one of the best brunch and coffee spots around — Pannikin Coffee & Tea. On the weekends it can be hard to find a seat in the tiny shop, but the freshly-brewed coffee and chill atmosphere makes for a fantastic afternoon of studying — or destroying your opponent on the giant chess set in the back. In addition to coffee, the Purple Café has live music on the weekends and the Living Room has a hookah lounge, totally owning Starbucks in terms of entertainment — and taste. — Arielle Sallai See BEST OF, page 7 ERIKA JOHNSON/G uardian file A.S. COUNCIL Council Impeaches Marshall COLLEGE Senator Impeached senators says she will not appeal decision to A.S. Judicial Board. By Rebecca Horwitz Associate News Editor A.S. Council impeached Marshall College Senator Summer Perez at its meeting last Wednesday, Nov. 8. According to the A.S. bylaws, councilmembers with more than three unexcused absences are eligible for impeachment. Perez had five. At the Committee Affairs meeting Nov. 8, councilmembers brought up legislation to excuse Perez’s absences. The motion was tabled indefinitely, meaning that it could be brought up anytime in the future. Perez said that she didn’t want the legislation tabled and instead wanted to excuse her absence sooner. The issue was brought up again sSPOKEN “ during the night’s council meeting. According to Perez, she was impeached because her reasons for excusing the absence —  sickness —  were inadequate. Marshall Student Committee Vice Chair Brianna Nelson spoke during the Nov. 8 meeting’s public input period. Nelson said it was unacceptable for Perez to ignore the attendance rules. “The purpose of a senator is to represent our voice,” Nelson said. “I find it inexcusable to ignore the rules you put in place.” Advocate General Courtney Hill motioned for the impeachment of Perez. The meeting was closed for nearly an hour, while council discussed whether to impeach Perez. Perez said the discussions revolved around personal issues instead of addressing the absences. “It was completely biased against me,” Perez said. “It got so personal to the point where FORECAST We know our best is better than everybody else’s best.” Annie Wethe UCSD Women’s Soccer Senior Captain Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday H 62 L 50 H 66 L 51 H 61 L 51 H 65 L 52 Facebook was involved, which was completely irrelevant to the whole situation.” Perez said she will not appeal the council’s decision. “If somebody doesn’t want me in office that bad that they’d have to [impeach me], then there’s no point for me [to stay],” Perez said. “I can still grow in other ways and still be involved on campus.” Marshall College Council will now reopen Perez’s position so interested students may apply to become her replacement. After reviewing new applications and conducting interviews, Marshall College Council will recommend a candidate to A.S. Council, which will need to approve the final appointment. At this time no other councilmember has three unexcused absences. Readers can contact Rebecca Horwitz at NIGHT WATCH Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Students claim proposed change would double commute time for residents of downtown area. By Nicole Chan Associate News Editor Managing Editor See WEBREG, page 3 Hillcrest, Old Town Shuttle Routes to be Combined The Hillcrest/Campus shuttle route could be combined with the Hillcrest/Old Town route by next April, according to a proposal announced by UCSD Transportation services on Nov. 7. If approved, the consolidation of the shuttle services will take effect April 2, 2012. “Stop UCSD Hillcrest Shuttle Cuts” petition organizer Ramin Hashemi first heard about the proposal in mid-October, when Transportation Services posted a flyer near the Hillcrest shuttle stop and shuttle drivers passed around an informational sheet to riders. According to Hashemi, Hillcrest residents without cars depend largely on the current Hillcrest/Campus shuttle to commute to school. For example, Muir College senior Nena Eichelberger moved to Hillcrest after transferring to UCSD because of the transportation services. “I moved to Hillcrest and sold my car because the shuttle was here,” Eichelberger said. “Those decisions were made based on the transportation system that UCSD provided.” According to Hashemi, the proposed shuttle service change could double the length of the commute for students who live in Hillcrest, North Park, Mission Hills, City Heights and other neighboring areas. “[The current commute] is 20 minutes back and forth, which is not bad at all,” Hashemi said. “With the addition of the stops, it could take at least 35 minutes to get to La Jolla with traffic. Adding Old Town could make it 45 to 50 minutes, maybe even an hour in really bad traffic.” Hashemi has responded by creating a Facebook event urging students to protest the change, compiling a survey to gauge student usage of the current shuttle route and creating a petition to save said route. This was done to gather information for the Nov. 14 and Nov. 15 student input sessions hosted by Transportation Services. As of press time, 46 students have signed the petition. According to Hashemi, the current route already poses difficulties to students staying on campus in the evenings, since the buses leave every hour starting at 7 p.m. and run until 9 p.m. “If they were to consolidate it, they need to add more frequency [of the shuttles] and extend the hours to 10 p.m., 10:30 p.m. or 11 p.m.,” Hashemi said. GAS PER GALLON monday Height: 4-6 ft. Wind: 4-7 mph Water Temp: 62 F Tuesday Height: 4 ft. Wind: 2-5 mph Water Temp: 62 F Wednesday Height: 3-4 ft. Wind: 2-4 mph Water Temp: 62 F Thursday Height: 2 ft. Wind: 4-6 mph Water Temp: 62 F LOw $3.57 Optima, Chula Vista 498 Broadway & H St. HIGH $4.49 76, Coronado 900 Orange Ave & 9th St. See SHUTTLES, page 3 INSIDE Birdland..................................2 Lights and Sirens....................3 Talking to Machines................4 Letter to the Editor.................5 Best of San Diego..................6 Sudoku...................................9 Sports...................................12

11.14.11 | UCSD Guardian

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