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SPRING 2013 Education Works A LINK BETWEEN AREA BUSINESSES AND THE UNIVERSITY Easy as 1, 2, 3 … From the job announcement to the interview, UAFS Career Services takes the pain out of the hiring process! If you are looking to fill a part-time, full-time, or internship position, consider participating in the On-Campus Interview Program with the UAFS Career Services’ Office. They have simplified the process of getting organizations connected with educated and qualified students. Tim Hickman, Mechanical Engineering Manager with Baldor Electric Company, reinforced this statement by expressing, “We are pleased to have an institution that we can call on for help. We have had a lot of success with the students we have brought on from UAFS and the Career Services Office makes the hiring process more convenient to get several students interviewed in a single day.” STEP 1 … The process begins with an organization submitting their job description and requirements to one of the three professional career services staff members. The Career Services Office will take the job description and send a targeted email to selected students who meet the academic and job requirements specified by the organization, with a specific date to submit their resume. Once all resumes are received by the designated date, the Career Services Office will then bundle those resumes and electronically submit them to the organization for review. STEP 2 … Organization representatives review submitted resumes and decide whom they want to interview. Those names, plus the desired date and times of interviews, are then sent to the Career Services Office. The Career Services Office will contact all the students and set up an interview schedule during the designated time frame and interview time limits. Terry Copeland, Human Resources Manager, and Tim Hickman, Mechanical Engineering Manager of Baldor Electric, interview Bryan Fuentes, UAFS Mechanical Engineering student. STEP 3 … The final step for the organization will be to show up on campus on the selected date, interview selected students, and make a decision. UAFS will even take the pain out of finding a parking space by reserving a special spot! Easy as 1, 2, 3! Terry Copeland, Human Resources Manager with Baldor Electric Company, recommended the process to other organizations, “Ron [Orick] has done a great job setting this process up. The quick process was impressive and speed means a lot to us.” If you are interested in participating on the on-campus interview program, advertising your vacancies, or learning more about the valuable services they can provide to your organization, contact the Career Services Office at 479-788-7017. Page 2 UAFS Clothing Closet Needs Your Help Page 3 Mutually Beneficial Partnership Page 4 The Benefits of Internships

Education Works - Spring 2013

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