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Irish Student Newspaper of the Year 2008 DOING IT THE THE GUIDE TO HARD WAY VOLUNTEERING TRAVEL 20 Transatlantic yacht journeys for those in no rush to get there Tuesday 13 January 2009 Stand up and be counted with Trinity’s volunteer societies NEWS FEATURE 8 SILLY SCIENCE The research that should have been forgotten SCIENCE 19 Issue 6, Volume 55 Leaked email questions Stokes’ power » Stokes attempts to discipline Piranha! editor » Leaked legal advice states ‘the Junior Dean does not have a role in dealing’ with editors By Deirdre Robertson & Jessica Ryan DOCUMENTS OBTAINED by Trinity News have revealed that Junior Dean Emma Stokes acted against legal advice in attempting to discipline Andrew Booth, editor of Piranha!, regarding the content of the magazine. Dr Emma Stokes summoned the editor of satirical magazine, Piranha!, following the publication of an article that included a map of the best places to commit a massacre in Trinity. Editor Andrew Booth was called to the Junior Dean’s office to answer claims that he had breached rules 1a and 4a of the College and Conduct Regulations. An email written by Dr. Stokes has now emerged revealing that Dr Stokes was knowingly acting outside her jurisdiction as Junior Dean in Bonuses under investigation attempting to discipline Booth. In the email, Dr Stokes noted that her role as Junior Dean did not include the power to discipline editors for the content of student publications. The College Regulations outline disciplinary offences against the college. 1a relates specifically to “activity which brings the College into disrepute” while 4a notes the Junior Dean’s power to judge “conduct which does, or is liable to cause, violence to person or damage to property.” However, her power in this matter does not extend to the decisions made by an editor of a student publication. This information came to light in a series of emails between Dr Stokes and Junior Dean, Dr Emma Stokes former editor of Trinity News, Gearoid O’Rourke, in 2007. Dr Stokes had attempted to discipline O’Rourke for publishing a letter that criticised staff members of the Trinity sports centre. Following a lengthy exchange of emails, O’Rourke received an email from Dr Stokes stating “Following a request for legal advice, I understand that, under current arrangements, the Office of the Junior Dean does not have a role in dealing with what you, as Editor, allow to be published in Trinity News.” Dr. Stokes referred Trinity News to the Communications Office when pressed for clarification on the future of the investigation into Piranha! in the light of the information revealed in this By Deirdre Robertson College News Editor CENTRAL SOCIETIES Committee appeared to breach their own rules on alcohol promotion in an email advertisment sent out to societies last week. An email sent to all college societies from a CSC Administrative Officer on 7th January, advertised ‘Heat at Tripod’, a student club night that offers “more 2e Drinks than ever”. The email advertising the Tripod event had no source other than the CSC Administrative Officer’s Education Authority (HEA) said that a number of allowances given to university staff were unauthorised and that it had sought clarity on the issue from Trinity and other universities. Fourteen members of Trinity’s staff including eight professors are listed. Professor John Boland from the Department of Chemistry was paid €123,008 in ‘additional allowances’ on top of his salary of €143,394. This bonus payment, amounting to 85% of his salary level, takes his total “I never received this could not have come from CSC” Joe O’Gorman “Our education system cannot afford these hugely expensive individuals” IFUT remuneration €115,000 over the maximum recommended salary level to university academics. The other Trinity academics being paid in excess of the Review Body’s recommended levels are Professor Igor Shvets, Professor John Coey and Professor John Bethica of the Department of Physics, Professor Kenneth Wolfe and Professor Seamus Martin of the Department of Genetics, and Professor Kinston Mills of the Dpartement of Chemistry. The College Treasurer, College Secretary and Senior Lecturer also Photo: Caroline O’Leary TRINITY COLLEGE has been called for investigation by an emergency Oireachtas committee over “secretive” bonus payments and perks paid to Trinity’s elite administrative and academic staff. The information emerged through the Freedom of Information Act following a recent investigation by the Sunday Independent. The earnings of some fourteen members of Trinity’s top staff - including Provost John Hegarty - are potentially subject to the investigation. The high earnings have been condemned as “hypocritical” and “hard to comprehend” by the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) and government officials in light of pleas by Trinity’s senior staff for increased funding in the difficult economic climate. Trinity News obtained information released by the Staff Office noting that Trinity’s high-earning academic staff receive bonus payments and perks which bring their pay levels outside normal pay grade structures. In many cases the total pay received by them is in excess of recommended pay levels established by the government’s Review Body for Higher Remuneration in January 2007. It appears that the effect of these recommended salary caps are being avoided through the payment of bonuses. A spokesman for the Higher continued on page 2 Flyers at dawn: O’Riordan vs. Halls JCR By Brian Barry A RIFT has broken out between Trinity Hall Entertainments Officer Amy Dunne and events promoter Ed O’Riordan over “underhand” flyering of O’Riordan’s Citibar Tuesday nights. Ex-Student’s Union Ents Officer O’Riordan was locked into Trinity Hall by security at Ms. Dunne’s request while he tried to get out of the complex after flyering for the Law Society welcome back party held at Citi Bar. As a result of the altercation, the Trinity Hall Ents team have pulled out of supporting Rag Week’s ‘Thai Beach Party’ to be held in Citi Bar - a charity event to raise money for Trinity Cancer Society organised by the Student Union Ents team and Ed O’Riordan pictured in Citi Bar continued on page 2 CSC email promotes alcohol PHIL FIELDS BEST IRISH TEAM AT WORLDS: PAGE 4 » Lavish bonuses given to top academic staff » Oireachtas calls emergency investigation By Brian Barry email. However, they did not wish to add any further comment. Responding to Dr Stokes’ recent actions against Piranha!, O’Rourke commented “It is quite clear that the Junior Dean accepts that she has no jurisdiction over what a student editor can print, which make her moves against Piranha! highly improper.” Although the Communications Office informed Trinity News that Piranha! magazine has been removed from publication, editor Andrew Booth was not notified of this. It is believed that copies are still in circulation. Trinity News understands that Booth promoted by O’Riordan. Mr. O’Riordan, who has enjoyed considerable personal financial success promoting Citi Bar Tuesday nights, posted flyers around Trinity Hall, contrary to Trinity Hall Ents’ regulations brought in recently which require prior permission. Ms. Dunne called for security to close gates around Trinity Hall, making it impossible for O’Riordan to leave the complex. “I felt like a f***ing 10 year old” O’Riordan told Trinity News. Ms. Dunne told Trinity News that O’Riordan’s actions were “very underhand”, and that O’Riordan and his team “have behaved very badly since. They came in behind my back”. O’Riordan bemoaned the Trinity Hall policy on event promotion, describing it as an “artificial monopoly created by their own rules”. Trinity Hall Ents team will now not be supporting the Student Union Ent’s ‘Thai Beach Party’ at Citi Bar on Tuesday of Rag Week as had been initially negotiated. Ms. Dunne told Trinity News why Trinity Hall Ents pulled out of the Cancer Society’s event: “If you’re trying to say Trinity Hall isn’t supporting the cancer society, that’s not the case at all. We want to stand on our own two feet ourselves, and focus on promoting our own charity event on Wednesday of Rag Week”. Ms. Dunne spoke of Trinity Hall Ents’ successful run of events this year, suggesting O’Riordan “doesn’t know what to do with us anymore. He’s used to dominating the whole scene”. Ms. Dunne also refuted the suggestion that pulling out of a Student Union event would be seen as bringing her Ents team in direct conflict with Ents on campus. “People forget that we’re part of the SU. I’m fully on the side of the SU. They are so good to me” she said, pointing out that she has previously worked her calendar around Student Union events. O’Riordan spoke of his disappointment at Trinity Hall Ents pulling out of the event. “I can understand where they’re coming from, but don’t punish a charity”, he pleaded. Ms. Dunne offered another point of view, saying O’Riordan, by hosting the charity event, is merely motivated by “gathering momentum” for subsequent Citi Bar Tuesday nights – from which venture O’Riordan stands to make substantial profit. email address from which it appeared to be sent. The email directly contravenes CSC’s regulations on alcohol advertisment. CSC previously informed societies that they ‘may not advertise the cost of drink, or “free drink”, “cheap drink” etc.’ Any society that receives more than one warning for disobeying these rules can be punished by a 10% cut in their annual grant. To date, a number of societies have received a preliminary warning. Joseph O’Gorman told Trinity News that he had never seen the email in question and commented that it could not have come from CSC because they do not advertise alcohol and always - unlike this email - use Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in emails to student societies. Indeed, in the same email which had outlined the College’s alcohol policy to societies, CSC advised all societies to use BCC in any group emails. He further said that the CSC would contact IS Services this week. Jesse Malin / Bats / Fashion and fur / Cake shops / Reviews and more

Trinity News Issue 6

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