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01 Global Corruption 27/11/02 3:15pm Page v Contents Contributors Acknowledgements Editor’s note Acronyms and abbreviations ix xviii xix xxi Introducing the Global Corruption Report Peter Eigen Eva Joly, Preventing corruption: empowering the judiciary Ron Noble, Policing corruption 1 2 4 Part one: Access to information Access to information: whose right and whose information? Jeremy Pope Ann Florini, Campaigning for access to information Richard Calland, Whistleblowing in South Africa 8 10 17 E-government and access to information Subhash Bhatnagar Valeria Merino Dirani, Ecuador’s first steps towards e-procurement 24 29 Corporate transparency in the fight against corruption Harriet Fletcher Nicholas Shaxson, Company disclosure in the oil industry Ian Byrne, Surveying transparency and disclosure in business 33 36 40 The media’s role: covering or covering up corruption? Bettina Peters Mark Whitehouse, Media sustainability in Southeast Europe and Eurasia Josias de Souza, Caught on camera: regional Brazilian media moguls discredited Alasdair Sutherland, Cash for editorial: unethical media practices revealed 44 46 50 53

Global Corruption Report 2003: Access to Information

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