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Wednesday, January 9, 2013 July 17, 2013 MyConnection Published every Wednesday and delivered free by The Newnan Times-Herald Check Out the Classifieds on Page 7 Free Gas! It’s vacation time and we want to fuel your budget! See Page 4 for Details Straight Spokes Motorcycle Club speeds toward helping others By Gloria Hahn Tinsley Special to The Newnan Times-Herald I n 1990, Bobby Terrell, aka “Bobby T,” had sought happiness in a bottle but came to the point where it had “gotten the best” of him. Urged by family and friends, he realized he needed to quit drinking and decided to give up his playmates and playgrounds. One friend told him, “You probably need to give up your motorcycle, too.” They butted heads over this important facet of Bobby’s life for a few days, and Terrell emphatically insisted that he could never give up his motorcycle. “I decided that I would find other people who love to ride and can do so in a clean and sober environment,”  he said. His friends and family agreed, and from that point forward he pursued a new, positive focus for his life. He found a dozen new friends from the Columbus area who thought similarly, and began the Straight Spokes Motorcycle Club. The rules were straightforward: No drinking or drugging while driving a motorcycle or while wearing the club patch. Bobby discovered this new lifestyle was exhilarating and enjoyed the camaraderie with like-minded individuals. Shortly thereafter, Desert Storm cranked up. Many club members were stationed at Fort Benning, so they had to depart for duty, leaving about three members. Soon everyone moved in different directions and areas, so Bobby found himself the lone member of the club, but kept himself grounded in his nowserene life. Fast forward to 2008-09. One day while cycling around country roads, Bobby stopped into the Manchester restaurant Duck’s Trolley Straight Spokes Motorcycle Club members gather in Manchester for a meeting about the Margie Coleman fundraiser. From left are, front, Charlie Adcock, Mark Vining, Don Bullis, Tom Beck; middle, Zeth Hester, Robert Reiney, Robin DeMaio, Ed Coleman, David Hester, Mark Porter; back, Roy Fowler, Steve Stephens, Chris Breed, Mark Grubb, Bobby Terrell, Bobby Obermeier. for a bite. Two motorcycle enthusiasts had also stopped by to grab lunch, and they struck up a conversation with Bobby. Not only did Mark Grubb, a ka “Foots,” and Chris Breed share a passion for motorcycles, but as they talked, he discovered that they, too, had “turned over new leaves.” Drinking and/or drugging was already a past nightmare, and “clean living” was important to them, as well. As the guys bonded over Southern cooking, Bobby shared his past tri- als and how great his life had become through Straight Spokes. Mark and Chris eagerly listened to their new friend, who also rode a Harley, and then shared their stories. spokes, page 8 Simple, Memorable Outdoor Gatherings Family Features T he best parties bring together great food, great ingredients, and great people. To make your party stand out, take advantage of resources you already have to create an inviting and warm atmosphere for party guests. Photo by Winston Skinner Don Gangell, president of the Meals on Wheels of Coweta board of directors, and Alison Wallace, founder and director of Bridging the Gap, shake hands after reaching an agreement to work together to serve area senior citizens. Bridging the Gap, Meals on Wheels form partnership By W. Winston Skinner Bridging the Gap has a new home — and a new partnership with Meals on Wheels of Coweta. BTG and MOWOC now have a partnership that leaders with both groups say will allow them to serve the needs of senior citizens in the community. This month, BTG will begin providing cooked meals to MOWOC — which will continue their program of delivering meals to seniors in Coweta County. “We were looking for ways to increase service to seniors in need. Our funding had been cut back over the past several years and we had to think outside the box for solutions,” said Don Gangell, president of the MOWOC board of directors. “With perfect timing, in stepped BTG,” he said. BTG has recently relocated to a new facility on First Avenue in downtown Newnan, and the new space includes kitchen facilities that will be built out to further support the partnership. This move has allowed BTG to expand services to partner with MOWOC. Alison Wallace, BTG’s founder and director, said the organization’s approach is to unconditionally serve people in need. For two years, BTG has been collecting data on almost everyone who has come through the doors to receive food or other services. “What we have found is that a simple box of food will not cure the root issues. In fact, it will only bring relief for a few days. The goal, then, is to identify the root issues of hunger and poverty and work to bring lasting change to individuals and families,” Wallace said. While BTG got its start distributing food that was near its expiration date — donated by grocery stores — “we’ve never been about feeding people,” Wallace said, but rather about learning “why they have a need and coming up with solutions.” During the month of January 2013, in providing approximately 1,300 pounds of food, BTG identified that 32 percent of the food recipients were senior citizens. This realization laid the plans for PARTNERSHIP, page 4 The Right Ingredients Make for a Perfect Summer Get-Together Everyone knows the key elements to a fantastic backyard barbeque are great company, exciting conversation, and delicious recipes — so be sure to pull together the perfect grilling menu that will keep your guests’ smiles as warm as the summer sun. Get creative when planning your summer party. Kids also will love to get involved and add their own personal touches to the big event. Simple items, such as blankets, oversized pillows, Mason jars and mismatched dinnerware will create the feeling of home and comfort to all. These simple additions, along with the right menu, will make for an amazing summer menu and party for your friends and family. Here are a few tips to make your outdoor party simple and smooth: n Opt for Appetizers Many party guests will want to nosh and mingle throughout the evening, so make sure you have plenty of appetizers, dips and chips on hand while you fire up the grill for the main course. n Stick with Simple Don’t spend all of your resources on fancy snacks and sweets that require countless hours of preparation. Choose simple crowd favorites, such as the Texas Potato Salad made with just a few delicious ingredients. This crunchy, fresh salad doubles as the perfect appetizer when served with tortilla or pita chips. Just create, plate and cover with plastic wrap and you have dishes ready to kick off a fabulous party. Grilled Skirt Steak with Citrus n Fire up the Grill In addition to appealing appetizers, be sure your guests have tons of options when it comes to the main party entrée. Easy dishes, like Grilled Asparagus with Citrus Gremolata can quickly be made on the grill for a delicious and easy treat that is sure to please party goers. Drink Stations Allow guests to refill their drinks themselves by placing drinks on a small end table or cart. Cover it with a brightly colored tablecloth and stacked glasses. Don’t forget your ice bucket and tongs for mixed cock­tails. If you are serving beer or wine, ice them down in galvanized bins placed next to the drink station. Be sure to position the station away from the food to keep lines from forming. i n s i de Outdoor Gatherin gs Recipes ➤ PAGE 7 n Self-Serve Grilled Asparagus with Citrus Gremolata

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