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Upper Clutha Messenger Volume XXXII | No 18 | Date 4th May 2011 The Messenger is published each Wednesday by Print It Wanaka Ltd 11 Brownston Street, Wanaka | Phone 443 7804 | Fax 443 7805 | | Experiencing symptoms of stress, tension or trauma? Working with clients with these conditions? 3D Kitchen design, Wardrobes, Laundries Dr. David Berceli, Founder of TRE T RE New Zealand invites individuals and health professionals dealing with stress and trauma to attend a workshop at the St John’s rooms in Queenstown on 28th May. TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) is a revolutionary process, designed to help people recover from stress, tension and trauma. TRE was developed by international trauma and natural disasters recovery expert Dr David Berceli. TRE enhances the traditional approaches to working with stress and trauma as it does not require people to talk about or remember specific events. “...These exercises beautifully compliment other forms of treatment and release trauma in a simple and private way. The workshops are just too good an opportunity to miss.” Psychologist Dr Karin Hannigan, Australia. One day and three day TRE workshops are being offered in Queenstown, Auckland and Christchurch and will be presented by TRE expert, physiotherapist and Bowen therapist Richmond Heath. For information and workshop registration visit www. , or contact Director of TRE NZ Steph Combe on 443 5878. A donation from proceeds of the workshops will be made to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

Upper Clutha Messenger 4 May 2011

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