Issuu on Google+ March 21-27, 2012 VOLUME 75 – Number 28 313.963.5522 479 Ledyard • Detroit MI 48201 $1.00 It’s tough, Gov. Snyder, but you can help Detroit succeed By Hiram E. Jackson CHRONICLE INTERIM PUBLISHER Over the course of the past few months we have all been aware that this day was coming. the goverCOMMENTARY With nor’s Consent Agreement looming, we find our city and region in the midst of a political and financial crisis. Even those of us who have confidence in our mayor knew that the city’s problems were just too massive and complicated to resolve without some outside assistance. The truth is, Mayor Dave Bing did not create this problem, as Gov. Rick Snyder discussed at the recent Pancakes & Politics forum. Rather, he inherited a painfully broken city and this financial crisis has been looming for decades. Given the resources the mayor has to work with, I believe that he and his staff have fought a good fight. Certainly I, as a city resident, would like to have better city services and a much safer environment in which to live and work. But because the mayor has been upfront regarding the challenge, I, like so many others, remain patient because we believe in Detroit and want to be a part of its renaissance. Hiram Jackson Bing knew when he accepted the job of leading the state’s largest city that it would be a major challenge, and he has accepted that challenge. But yes, there is the other side. Those of us who interact with Gov. Snyder also know that he truly wants the city of Detroit to succeed. He wants the mayor and the City Council to develop a viable plan that restores financial confidence and creates a path to solvency. Snyder has told everyone who cares to listen that he does not want to “take over” Detroit. Quite frankly, I believe him. Who would want to create such a fight in the midst of the state’s economic upswing and in the middle of such a critical election year? Call me crazy or naïve, but I believe the governor when he says Michigan will not be successful until Detroit is successful. We all know it to be true, but it still feels good to hear others acknowledge that fact. Under different circumstances, the See succeed page A-6 WHAT’S INSIDE E D U C AT I O N A D VA N TA G E SPRING EDITION Join Us! All-School Enrollment Fair Saturday, March 31 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 100+ sites open! • March 2012 On Saturday, March 31, all DPS schools operating in fall 2012 plus many DPS-authorized charters will open their doors for an informational day, opportunities to meet principals, staff and parent leaders, tours and nutrition. Shuttle buses will be available from six hubs and some sites will feature free dental checkups and more. See page x. Free healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks for every single student, regardless of income DPS knows that healthy eating helps to create healthy minds. Detroit Public Schools is committed to supporting the educational development of our students by providing healthy breakfasts and hot nutri- Cranbrook Institute of Science and DPS launched a broad new partnership that will provide extraordinary, customized experiences in the natural sciences to DPS students, their families and faculty members. Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit # 2655 Detroit, MI continued on page 4 continued on page 3 Detroit Public Schools: Opening More Opportunities Earlier than Ever Before 3011 West Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48292 Detroit Public Schools Dear Detroit parents, guardians and families, New! Open Enrollment and Application Period Now In February, I announced key changes affecting our families for the upcoming school year. By doing so early, much earlier than has traditionally been the case, parents can make plans for enrollment and also seek information about their children’s schools. A new Open Enrollment period will be held from March 15 – April 16 to allow for important decisions to be made. Wrapping up the school assignments for current students early will allow for staffing and budgeting decisions to be made on a timely basis, to ensure a smooth start to the new school year including the placement of a teacher in front of every child on the first day of school. This is a critically important time in the history of Detroit Public Schools and for our city. I have stated frequently that Detroit Public Schools must not only be a part of Detroit’s comeback, it must LEAD it. We have been using an outdated educational model that we must discard. We continued on page 3 Inside: Locator map and profiles of all schools Roy S. Roberts DPS opens enrollment, showcases new programs This year Detroit Public Schools announced it is offering more choices, earlier than ever, during its new Open Enrollment Period now through April 16. See the DPS insert inside this week’s Chronicle for details. Hispanic legal trailblazer Ruben Acosta dies at 51 (Page A-3) Who can we trust? Lack of confidence holds Detroit’s future hostage Michigan’s Hispanic community lost one of its towering and most revered leaders. By Bankole Thompson CHRONICLE SENIOR EDITOR Comerica celebrates women empowerment (Page B-1) March is National Women’s History Month and Comerica Bank is joining in the effort to pay tribute to the generations of women whose contributions have proved invaluable to society. The clock is ticking, loudly. So loud, in fact, that at this crucial point, whether you support the Consent Agreement from Lansing that will purportedly right the wrongs of Detroit’s financial woes or not is not of paramount importance. But whether you view the Consent Agreement as a takeover of Detroit government or a panacea to make the city financially sound, it is is your right to make that known clearly, as part of the debate on the governance and the financial wellbeing of the city. Something is not clear in this whole matter of the Consent Agreement, and it makes you wonder who is telling the truth or has failed to communicate properly both to Detroit and Lansing in the days, weeks or months leading up to the drafting of Gov. Rick Snyder’s Consent Agreement. Last week I sat down with Mayor Dave Bing at Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) for a conversa- Football is brutal (Page C-1) There are no two ways about it — football is a harsh and, yes, dangerous sport. Sports editor Leland Stein III tells is like it really is in this week’s column. ‘Reflections’: A James Brown movie? (Page D-1) Nothing could be more logical than a film based on the life and career of the legendary James Brown, one of the greatest performers of all time. Spike Lee has written a script and Eddie Murphy will accept the role, but will such a movie ever be made? CHRONICLE STAFF REPORT This year Detroit Public Schools is offering more choices, earlier than ever, during a new Open Enrollment Period now through April 16. Individual schools include those neighborhood schools showcased by Excellent Schools Detroit as among the best in the city, as well as new schools and college preparatory programs with curriculum focusing on science, medicine and performing arts. DPS also offers multilingual education programs, Public School League scholar-athlete programs and Parent Resource Centers. Districtwide, DPS will create Nutrition Drive When it comes to Teen Pregnancy and Sex, CDC Confirms: Teenagers are Morons So when you talk to Bing and his aides you hear one story. When you speak with Snyder and his team members, it is a completely different story. It’s hard to believe which side is correct despite the evidence that both sides are concerned about how Detroit forges ahead. But the problem that is not being discussed now is the lack of trust between Detroit and Lansing, as well as among Detroit elected officials themselves. For the governor and the mayor to publicly spar so continuously as if both men were running for the same office shows a lack of trust between them, as the city is quickly running out of money. Added to that conundrum is the lack of trust among some members of the Detroit City Council and the mayor’s administration. In fact, Bing publicly scorned Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown at the WCCCD mayoral conversation, accus- See TRUST page A-6 an Individualized Learning Plan for each student and academic blueprints for every parent, and will provide Netbooks for home usage to all students in grades 8-12. Wrapping up the school assignments for current students early will ensure a smooth start to the new school year including the placement of a teacher in front of every child on the first day of school, states DPS Emergency Manager Roy Roberts. Rather than continue to support underutilized buildings, DPS consolidated schools to allow resources to be delivered to a smaller group of high quality schools. In a number of cases, high achieving programs will move to newer, larger facilities to allow programs to expand and serve more students. “We are embarking on a bold and ambitious journey with new educational models that will return this city to its rightful place as the world class leader in public education,” Roberts said. With regard to the new Individualized Learning Plans, DPS Superintendent of Academics Karen Ridgeway said, “These learning plans will be automated and built electronically from existing data systems, using test scores from the Michigan Merit Exam, MEAP, and benchmark assessments as well as other data, such as attendance.” The district offers free breakfast, lunch and a snack, and provides services for children with See education page A-5 Roy Roberts LivingWELL LIVING Tips to keep your workout working On the other hand, when I met with Gov. Snyder last week, he said he has been waiting on a plan that makes sense but hasn’t received one. The governor feels the city is running out of time and he will not preside over the state’s largest metropolis going under financially without some form of rescue. Roberts wants Detroit to be world-class leader in public education L:AA Break Boredom tion on the future of Detroit hosted by WCCCD’s Global Conversation Speaker Series during which Bing categorically made it clear he COMMENTARY won’t sign the current agreement from the governor. But what is surprising was that the mayor said he only received the draft agreement hours before he was required to sign it. At the same time, Bing said he sent a plan to Lansing in OcBankole Thompson tober of last year and didn’t hear from the governor or his lieutenants. Look inside this week’s Magazine insert and discover what people are talking about. Baby Talk Why our kids are so “sexed” up Baby Talk Nutrition Drive Break Boredom When It Comes to Teen Pregnancy and Sex, CDC Confirms: Why our kids are so “sexed” up Tips to keep your workouts working Teenagers are Morons


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