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has used the current conditions at Morehouse to develop as a person. Thibeaux and White agreed that the media sets the standards that students use to decide ew Jersey Governor Chris Christie what ideal men should look like, but studies have underwent gastric banding surgery shown that most men don’t live up to those expecjust months before launching his tations. lists the average male re-election campaign this year. With model’s weight as between 140 and 165 pounds the looming possibilit y of a 2016 presidential but according to, the average man in campaign, Christie continues to be marred America actually weighs 191 pounds. by comments, jokes, and concerns about his Dr. Gary Wright ‘91, a clinical and comweight. Similarly, news outlets have also begun munity psychologist and director of the Moreto question whether likely 2016 presidential house Counseling Center, said advertising candidates Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are too and media outlets increasingly emphasize ideal short to be elected. male phenotype, but like Thibeaux and White, While U.S. presidents have historically most students are equally concerned with other been tall and slim - with the last five all being issues, so this occurrence has not increased the at least 6 feet tall - this trend is not consistent number of clinical disorders related to size and among leaders at Morehouse. body image. “At Morehouse, the guys with height “From the perspective of somebody who don’t tend to do a lot on campus,” said Jon works in the counseling center and works with Thibeaux, co-chair of the Campus Alliance for students regularly,” Wright said, “the issues Student Activities (CASA), “and the shorter usually are not related to how students look guys seem to do more because they feel like or how people perceive them because of their they have to prove themselves.” Thibeaux weight.” described the “little man’s syndrome” as a key DR. YOHANCE MURRAY ’96 Thibeaux said that seeing that most leadfactor in the politics on campus. ers on campus are “slim or chubby average Joes” Clinical psychologist and Morehouse pro- exchange student from the University of California, San Diego, White is able to compare the role helped him feel more confident in his body imfessor of Psychology, Dr. Yohance Murray ’96, that size has in the two campuses’ social atmoage. He said he feels comfortable and sexy at 205 said that non-athletes may use campus organizasphere. pounds but still works to live a healthy lifestyle. tions and other outlets to gain the visibility and After enrolling at Morehouse, White Likewise, White said that being a member power that athletes attain simply by participating described experiencing “fat shaming” when of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity at his California in sports. Murray also said even though Africanstudents joked about his weight and made him institution posed unique challenges, but he has American males are the least likely demographic feel like his body was not acceptable or attractive. been surrounded by support at both schools. to suffer from conditions like body dysmorphic “Strolling was not always fun and upholddisorder (malformation of the body), college stu- Even though he said he has become more aware of his size since enrolling, he has also begun to feel ing the sort of ‘pretty boy persona’ was more dents are still within the age range most likely to more comfortable with his body. difficult,” White said, “But my frat brothers and be concerned with appearances. White, who began dieting and drinking Morehouse brothers are there for me.” “Freshman year I wanted to be sexy,” Slim-Fast shakes in elementary school, has used Murray said that as long as Morehouse Thibeaux said. “There are people who have nice continues to promote characteristics that matter, shapes and their bodies are all right, but I wanted many opportunities on campus to overcome his students will continue to succeed. that kind of body that people look at and just think insecurities. By posing nude for a recent photo shoot; deciding not to wear a shirt in the school’s “We are a school that highlights integrity, ‘Damn, that body’s banging.’ ” pool; and going to the gym even when he felt inintelligence, and character, and those things don’t During his first year he had a personal timidated by more fit students working out, White come in any physical shape or size,” Murray said. trainer, joined the step team and began dieting, JAMES PARKER CAMPUS NEWS EDITOR N but eventually he was told he looked sick because he was too small. Once he became more involved in organizations on campus he had less time to focus on his appearance and started to gain some of the weight back. Another student who was willing to admit to having concerns about his body, senior Grant White, also felt uncomfortable with his weight when he first arrived at Morehouse. As a domestic WE ARE A SCHOOL THAT HIGHLIGHTS INTEGRITY, INTELLIGENCE, AND CHARACTER, AND THOSE THINGS DON’T COME IN ANY PHYSICAL SHAPE OR SIZE

MT-The Body Issue

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