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Legacy and Planned Giving Planned giving provides an avenue to leave a legacy of far greater impact than often is possible through gifts made during one’s lifetime, and the opportunity to influence the future in a concrete manner. Many of The Leakey Foundation’s richest resources were made possible by individuals who took advantage of gift planning tools to support the Foundation’s work. As you explore your gift options, you may also contemplate the designation for your gift. Perhaps you would like to invest in graduate students through scholarships; endowing a lecture series; or you may be interested in supporting school outreach programs. Whatever your interest, know that The Leakey Foundation is available to assist with a deferred gift arrangement that will achieve your philanthropic objectives. * Bequests: A popular and simple way to make a gift. STEP ONE: Pick from one of these four options* A general bequest gives The Leakey Foundation a stated sum of money. If there is insufficient cash in your estate to cover the bequest, other assets will be sold for cash to honor your wishes for the Foundation. A specific bequest gives The Leakey Foundation a particular piece of property. If you disposed of the property before your death, the Foundation will not receive your intended gift because we cannot claim any other property. A residuary bequest gives the “rest, residue and remainder” of your estate, or, more commonly, a percentage of the residue after all other bequests, debts and taxes have been paid. A contingent bequest requires a certain event to occur before the gift can happen. For example, you could bequeath funds to a family member provided that person survives you; if not, the funds would then go to The Leakey Foundation.

Legacy and Planned Giving

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