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FOOTBALL: Sports editor and columnist say Tigers should be proud of Saturday showing, p. 11 Reveille The Daily Hats Off Monday, November 5, 2012 • Volume 117, Issue 51 GREEK LIFE Future uncertain for SAE fraternity Chapter sanctioned in September Miles’ magic absent as Tide flips the script on LSU They were waiting. of the stadium. Adorned in every style of headgear — sombreThere would be no payoff for the Mad Hatter ’s ros, top hats, purple-and-gold feather gambles this time. This was the flip Chris Abshire afros, flat bills and snapbacks — the side of the coin with which Miles so Sports Writer student section waited for LSU coach often gambles. Les Miles to be there for the traditional For once, it was the opposing rendition of the Alma Mater following Alabama’s 21- team that pulled one out of its hat against LSU. 17 stunner in Tiger Stadium. “I want the people to look at this film and say, After 22 straight home wins and just one Saturday LSU had opportunities to win this time, like they did night loss under Miles, it was a Pavlovian reaction. with Alabama when we won in Tuscaloosa last year,” It was also a futile one as Miles, his famous said LSU junior defensive end Sam Montgomery. hat burrowed especially low, barreled with a blank HATS, see page 9 face past them to the tunnel and into the depths photos by CONNOR TARTER and CATHERINE THRELKELD / The Daily Reveille [Top left] LSU junior defensive end Sam Montgomery (99) and sophomore punter Brad Wing (38) return to the locker room and [top right] LSU head coach Les Miles makes a quick exit from the field, while [bottom] students remain unmoved in the stands Saturday after the Tigers’ 21-17 loss against Alabama in Tiger Stadium. Almost 30 minutes after the game, many students still sat in shock. View a photo gallery of the game at Staff Reports The University chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has been under scrutiny this semester by University officials as well as the fraternity’s national headquarters, and members of the LSU Greek community say SAE’s future on campus is uncertain. SAE was temporarily suspended from activities by the University on Sept. 28 and was also sanctioned by the national fraternity, according to both University Relations and LSU Greek Life. The punishment came in violation of University Policy Statement 52, which dictates how the University handles inappropriate actions by a student organization. Misconduct that qualifies under Policy Statement 52 is any action that “is contrary to the provisions of a University regulation and/or a local, state, or federal law or regulation.” However, no information was available concerning the reason for suspension. A representative from SAE’s national headquarters did not respond to a request for comment as of Sunday night. But members of the Greek community are saying the fraternity may be facing a ban from campus. A member of the Greek community who requested to remain anonymous said the offense that led to SAE’s troubles was sexual in nature. The incident happened earlier in the semester, but new details have recently emerged that suggest the fraternity could face losing its University affiliation. Contact The Daily Reveille’s news staff at; Twitter: @TDR_news

The Daily Reveille - November 5, 2012

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