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Dept. of Journalism, Public Relations & New Media C The orral within the department “ Spring 2013 You have to understand political TV ads to understand democracy these days. - Chet Edwards “ Chet Edwards discusses campaign advertising with journalism students last fall semester. by Linda Wilkins “You can’t win a major campaign without running effective television ads,” said Former U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Texas. Edwards explained the importance of campaign and other types of ads when he spoke to journalism students on Nov. 5 in the Castellaw Communications Center. Edwards said people have the potential to be more informed if they understand the types of SNEAK PEAK within the department Chet Chats About Ads 1 Faculty Facts 3 Stower’s Powerful Insight 2 Star Guests 3 the alumni report Grads Value Experience 4 Where Are They Now? 4 { Chet Chats About Ads ads that are released for campaign purposes. “You have to understand political TV ads to understand democracy these days,” Edwards said. Campaign ads have gained power among politicians, Edwards said. Politicians often change their political stance because they fear becoming the brunt of attack ads if they vote for a particular idea or law. The context of campaign ads is essential to their success, Edwards said. “TV advertising has to reflect the major themes or messages of the campaign,” he said. Edwards said there are three essential parts to designing campaign see Edwards, page 3 PAGE ONE

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