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Newspaper of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis Father John Ubel appointed Cathedral rector, pastor 3A Nine men ordained transitional deacons for archdiocese The Catholic Spirit May 10, 2012 News with a Catholic heart 4A Archdiocesan Youth Day aims to fire up faith of young Catholics MEET Sept. 15 event to feature prayer, music, speakers The Catholic Spirit World Youth Day celebrations are well-known for bringing together throngs of enthusiastic pilgrims from around the world and igniting the flame of faith in their hearts. This fall, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is hoping to bring a flavor of the international WYD experience to the Twin Cities. Archbishop John Nienstedt has attended five international World Youth Day gatherings, including last year’s in Madrid, and had expressed a desire to organize a local version, said Bill Dill, archdiocesan youth ministry events coordinator. The result: Archdiocesan Youth Day 2012, set for Sept. 15 at DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis. The event, organized for high school students with the theme “Reason for Hope,” will feature a day with Archbishop Nienstedt, Mass, music, food, testimonials, adoration, Benediction and speakers, including youth ministers and Father Michael Schmitz, director of youth/ young adult ministry in the Diocese of Duluth. The intent is to establish the day as a biennial event, Dill said. Archdiocesan Youth Day 2012 is free. For more information, visit at archdiocese’s website at WWW.ARCH SPM.ORG. THIS YEAR’S GRADS see pages 1B - 12B ‘Our Lady of Uncertain Times’ knows our struggles By Ginny Kubitz Moyer For The Catholic Spirit On my back patio is a white statue of Mary. She stands with her arms outstretched, her face calm and gentle. I love this statue, and the peace that I feel when I look at it. But these serene images of Mary can lead us to make some pretty big assumptions. It’s tempting to look at her calm demeanor and think, This is someone for whom everything was easy. We wonder how Mary can relate to our raw struggles, to all the disorienting uncertainties of life. Does she have any idea how it feels to lose a job, have a depleted bank account or get a terrifying medical diagnosis? Several years ago, I was reflecting on Mary, and it hit me that her own life was anything but smooth sailing. Over and over, she had to navigate challenging situations when a positive outcome must have seemed elusive at best. Take the birth of Jesus: Just when she probably wanted to hunker down at home and wait for her baby to arrive, she had to get on a donkey and travel far from the comfort of the familiar. No bed of roses Ask any pregnant woman what she hopes for her delivery, and odds are good it involves a comfortable bed and a supportive, nurturing environment. Mary had to accept a pile of straw, and the company of animals. Even after the birth, Mary could hardly relax and PLEASE TURN TO MARY ON PAGE 19A

The Catholic Spirit - May 10, 2012

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