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130 Chaffey College’s th Anniversary A special edition of the Breeze Celebration February 25, 2013 We’ve come a long way since 1883 DANNA FAKHOURY For the past 130 years Chaffey College has served the residents of the Inland Empire, providing over 400,000 individuals with the skills and resources needed to advance and achieve their educational and professional goals. The name Chaffey reaches beyond this college campus and the borders of the pristine San Gabriel Mountains. Chaffey has become our community, our college, and our pride. Chaffey was the single match that ignited the vision and innovation behind what has now become the well established communities of Ontario, Upland, Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, and Etiwanda. On March 17, 1883 the cornerstone was laid for the Chaffey College School of Agriculture of the University of Southern California marking the college’s Founders’ Day, our reason for celebrating today. Since its founding, Chaffey College has continued to reach new milestones. In 1893 the Chaffey College of Agriculture defeated the University of Southern California, 32-6 in a football game and also won the Junior Rose Bowl in 1947. August 1957 marked the accreditation of Chaffey College’s Nursing Program by the National League of Nurses. Since then, many students have gone on to rewarding careers in nursing that have allowed them to give back to the community that nurtured them. The 1970s witnessed a time of great expressive talents and the opening of the Wignall Museum and Gallery which has showcased and documented the artistic expressions of hundreds of students. The 1990s was a time of expansion for the Chaffey College community. The education center in Ontario opened in 1990; two years later the Fontana Learning Center opened its doors. Chaffey now operates a Chino campus. Chaffey College had the opportunity of hosting former President Bill Clinton. Clinton stopped by Chaffey in 1996 to speak to students and faculty about education and what the future of education holds. At that time he spoke of tax credits for students and the role the internet would play in education. Chaffey has come a long way since then providing students with free internet access and the opportunity to take online courses. Chaffey’s curriculum has expanded to satisfy the educational desires of students from all backgrounds. International students have graduated from Chaffey College. For many international students Chaffey initially served as In 1889, Chaffey College art students express their creative energy onto canvas under the instruction of Professor Pierce. a venue to learn and perfect English speaking skills. It has now become a part of their community, expanding familial ties around the world. The new opportunity Chaffey has presented people with has been life-changing for many. On March 8, 2008, Chaffey presented 13 women from the California Institute for Women with their associate degrees. Chaffey’s contributions have given many newfound hope and dreams. In the late 1800s, students enjoy posing for the camera on the steps of the original Chaffey College building that once served as the Chaffey College School of Agriculture of the University of Southern California. Chaffey College now fosters admission agreements with four-year universities that allow the transfer process to be easier for students. Over the past decade the future of education has been uncertain. Calls for education reform have been tremendous but Chaffey College has never failed to overcome its tribulations and relish in its triumphs. The uncertainties faced now are not uncommon. History has always had a way of repeating itself. The hardships Chaffey faces now mimic the difficulties Chaffey students and faculty faced in the 1800s and 1900s. Chaffey College has reached the highest enrollment in its history with a combined 22,050 students enrolled between the college’s three campuses. On May 24, 2012, Chaffey confirmed 1,658 degrees and 1,269 certificates to students. With the mission statement, “Chaffey College improves lives within the diverse communities it serves through equal access to quality occupational, transfer, general education, and foundation programs in a learning-centered environment where student success is highly valued, supported, and assessed,” Chaffey’s roots within the community will withstand the toughest of winds. Another year has passed and the Chaffey community continues to flourish. It is now a time for celebration, a celebration of what Chaffey has accomplished and what the future holds. Chaffey College invites you to celebrate its 130th anniversary. All celebrations are free and open to the public. See the complete schedule of activities on the back page of this special edition.

Chaffey College 130th Anniv.

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