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STATE & NATION SPORTS VIEWPOINTS Authoritieslookformoreanswers. pg. 5 Warren’s 170 yards paces GSU. pg. 7 History warns of past misdeeds. pg. 11 grambling pounds su tragic wreck claims 5th child just think twice estABLished in 1928 WWW.SOUTHERNDIGEST.COM TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2009 VOL. 54, ISSUE 18 Early returns Official: H1N1 vaccinations safe By mary daVis digest News editor Since the H1N1 vaccine has become available, many concerns have surfaced about risks that may develop after receiving the vaccination. Despite extreme efforts to persuade people that the vaccine is safe, health officials, local and national, have fallen short as citizens still question the safety of the vaccine. Contrary to media coverage, officials assure citizens that the vaccination is as safe as any other. “I myself took the first vaccination on campus to show that it is safe. However, the safety of the vaccination is in question because of myths and misconceptions or bad press,” said Shirley Wade, director/ nurse practicioner of the Baranco Student Health Center. “Some people have seen the video of the young woman walking backwards after receiving a flu vaccination, but fail to research the entire story to see that this happened after receiving the seasonal flu vaccination and not the H1N1 vaccination.” The woman Wade mentioned, 25-year-old Desiree Jennings, developed dystonia after receiving a seasonal flu shot. According to a FoxNews report, the former Washington Redskins cheerleader is suffering from the severe muscle disease that causes involuntary contractions and spasms. Jennings cannot walk or run forward without great difficulty as a result of the illness. “Second, the young population has a sense of it’s not going to happen to me and until someone close to them has an untoward response, many will resolve to do nothing,” Wade said. To reach more university students next semester, the health center will offer another campaign related to the vaccination. The underlying theme of this campaign will be “Its Not too Late to Vaccinate,” which will give students the opportunity to receive the vaccination in the SmithBrown Memorial Union and dormitories. See h1n1 vaccine page 3 SU student saves up to create scholarship By norman j. dotson jr. digest editor-iN-CHief photo By tony talBot/ap photo Nurse Margaret england of the Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice draws some H1N1 vaccine during a swine flu clinic in Montpelier, Vt. Most college students dream of one day becoming big-money donors, lavishing their alma maters with boatloads of cash and scholarships. One Southern University student did not wait long to give back to her school. Mercy Ukpolo, the current Miss College of Business, used money gerated by herself and UKPoLo her mother to give the first Mercy Ukpolo College of Business Scholars scholarship. See returns page 4 Dortch tabbed as SU fall commencement speaker GRADUATES digest News serViCe Thomas W. Dortch Jr., chairman emeritus of 100 Black Men of America, will serve as the commencement speaker for Southern University’s fall ceremony. The newest batch of Southern alumni will receive their degrees Friday, Dec. 11 at the F.G. Clark Activity Center. Commencement is scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m. Thomas W. Dortch Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of TWD Inc., has established himself as a leader by diligently working to dismantle systemic barriers to empowerment. Under his guidance, The 100 Black Men of America expanded from 43 chapters in the U.S., which now include 102 chapters throughout the United States, Africa, England and the West Indies. Formed in 1986, the mission of the “100” is to improve the quality of life, and enhance the educational and economic RAIN HIGH 57° | 51° LOW Find out who’s walking across the stage at the Fall 2009 commencement ceremony. SEE PG 8 Friday, December 11 10:30 a.m. F.G. Clark Activity Center opportunities for African-Americans. Dortch launched his formal career in 1972 writing proposals and developing fund raising projects for the State of Georgia that sought to aid marginalized members of society. He became the associate Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia in 1974 where during his four-year tenure he assisted in the creation of the first charter for the state party and wrote the first Affirmative Action and Compliance Review Program INSIDE S O U T H E R N for the Party. In 1978, Dortch began working with U.S. Senator Sam Nunn by providing technical assistance at conferences, meetings and public hearings. In 1990, he became the State Director and served as Chief Administrator over five field offices and one state office. Mr. Dortch was the first African-American to serve in this capacity for a United States Senator. In 1994, Dortch chose to serve as chairman and chief executive officer of TWD Inc., president of South West Investment Group (SWIG); and chief executive officer of Atlanta Transportation Systems Inc. for Fulton County Government. Thirty-six years ago, Mr. Dortch wrote proposals and developed fund raising projects designed to empower single parents and communities to meet the needs of their children. More recently, he authored “The Miracles of Mentoring: How to Encourage and Lead Future Generations,” published by Doubleday Books. He is the Architect of the 100’s Four for the Future. He earned a bachelors degree in sociology and pre-professional social work from Fort Valley State University in 1972. He earned a masters of arts degree in criminal justice administration from Clark Atlanta University in 1986. He also attended Georgia State University as a Ford Fellow in the urban administration program. Dortch received honorary doctoral degrees from Fayetteville State University, Jarvis Christian College and FVSU. He is currently the chairman of the National Cares Mentoring Movement, a national effort founded by Susan Taylor, Editor Emeriti of Essence magazine to recruit one million black men and women to mentor one million black boys and girls. CAMPUS BRIEFS................2 STATE & NATION................5 VIEWPOINTS....................11 NEWS.................................3 SPORTS.............................7 U N I V E R S I T Y , B A T O N R O U G E , L A .

The December 1 Issue of The Southern Digest

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