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West Campus Presents Honorary Arts Exhibition Men’s Baseball Team Knocked Off From No. 1 Cartoon Creatures Come To Life In Spring Films Earthquake In Haiti Still Causes Tremors MDC West Campus pays homage to Cuban sculptor Roberto Estopiñán. Exhibit features 60 years of his work. After suffering two losses in one week, the men’s baseball team is no longer the top team in the nation. A pair of animated protagonists pave the way for loads of laughter in the films Paul and Rango. Haiti is still under major repair. Guest columnist suggests strategies to improve life after the destruction. TURN TO A&E, PAGE 13 TURN TO FORUM, PAGE 15 TURN TO NEWS, PAGE 9 TURN TO SPORTS, PAGE 11 4VOL. 1, ISSUE 11—MARCH 28, 2011 R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011 COURTESY OF MDC MEDIA RELATIONS VISIT US ONLINE: WWW.MDC.EDU/THEREPORTER 2011 NORTH AND WEST CAMPUS GRADUATION Obama To Speak At MDC Graduation Ceremony President Barack Obama is this year’s guest speaker for the North and West Campus commencement ceremony. By Alexandra de Armas President Barack Obama will be the guest speaker at the North and West Campus graduation ceremony. The event will take place on April 29 at 5 p.m. at the James L. Knight International Center. Obama will address nearly 4,000 students. “[It] is a true honor for our institution, and more importantly, the President’s presence and words will no doubt serve as a lifelong inspiration to our graduating students and their families,” said North Campus President José A. Vicente. Obama will be the third U.S President in the past four years to speak at a Miami Dade College graduation. Former President George W. Bush spoke at the Kendall Campus commencement ceremony in 2007; William Jefferson Clinton spoke during the North and West Campus graduation in 2010. According to Hannah August, White Politicians On Parade Here’s a brief look at some politicians who have served as graduation speakers for a Miami Dade College Campus. 1980 Janet Reno, State Attorney for Dade County, was the guest speaker for the Medical Center Campus. 1993 Richard W. Riley, Secretary of Education, was the guest speaker for the Wolfson Campus. Barack Obama, President of the United States, will be the guest speaker for the North and West Campuses’ 2011 graduation. TURN TO OBAMA, PAGE 7 SOURCES: COLLEGE ARCHIVES, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS JUAN MENDIETA RESEARCH: ALEXANDRA DE ARMAS GRAPHIC: LAZARO GAMIO 1990 1979 2011 2000 2001 Elaine Chao, U.S. Secretary of Labor was the guest speaker for the North Campus. 2004 Laura Bush, Wife to 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, was the guest speaker for the North Campus. CAMPUS WIDE SMOKING BAN 2010 2008 2010 George W. Bush, Former President of the United States, was the guest speaker for the Kendall Campus. William Jefferson Clinton, Former President of the United States, was the guest speaker for the North and West Campus. MEN’S BASKETBALL HEAD COACH RESIGNATION Smoking Ban Vote To Be Held Head Coach Resigns In April; Approval Expected After Allegations Miami Dade College administration is awaiting approval to ban smoking at all eight campuses. By Melissa Adan A smoking ban at all Miami Dade College campuses is expected to become effective April 19, when the policy will be submitted for final approval to the District Board of Trustees. “We can never predict what the final decision of the Board will be, but considering that the policy contributes to the health and well- GREGORY CASTILLO / THE REPORTER Lights Out: Michael Adrian, 21, smokes a cigarette on the 4th floor terrace of building 1. Pending approval Board of Trustees, smoking would be banned on all campuses at MDC. INDEX: PLEASE RECYCLE BRIEFING 2-3 NEWS TURN TO SMOKING, PAGE 5 5,7,9 SPORTS Got News? Let Us Know. Contact Us: (305) 237-1253 10-11 Men’s Basketball Coach Matthew Eisele, 29, resigns after being placed on administrative leave for allegedly violating College Procedure 2410. By Monique O. Madan Three weeks after facing allegations that he called a basketball player a “dumb ass” and threatened to have him removed from the premises by campus security, Matthew Eisele resigned as Head Coach for Miami Dade College Men’s Basketball team. Eisele, who submitted his resignation letter on March 3, did not A&E 12-13 return messages left on his cell phone by The Reporter staff. His resignation letter did not allude to why he quit. College administrators have declined comment to specify who the student athlete described in the allegation is. No other written complaints were filed against Eisele. “I don’t understand. Yes, he cussed at times, but all coaches do,” said point guard Darwin Ellis. “You really can’t let words hurt you. Can’t run away from that. Take it as a low jab and keep going.” FORUM TURN TO EISELE, PAGE 7 14-15 THE REPORTER IS THE FREE BIWEEKLY STUDENT NEWSPAPER AT MIAMI DADE COLLEGE. ALL CONTENT IS PRODUCED BY MDC STUDENTS. THE REPORTER IS A PUBLIC FORUM FOR EXPRESSION.

The Reporter, Vol. 1, Issue 11

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