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OP and ' UP and UP. • e Diocesan Charities Appeal Total Is Close to Half-Million .Mark The ACHOR The Anniversary Catholic Charities Appeal has climbed to a total of $437,093.26. This is not the final total. Returns from Special Gift Committeemen' and Parish Committees are still arriving at Headquarters in large 'n umbers and increased amounts.. Chairman Joseph E. Fernandes this mOJ;'ning urged all solicitors, Parish and Special Gifts, to.mak6 retUl:ns to their Headquarters, with great speed.. Headquarters can then arrive at the final total quickly and 'Youth Mark An Anohw of the SO'Ul, Sure and Fir~T. PAUL Vol. 5, N©>. 21 © 1961 The Anchor PRICE lOe $4.00 por Year Second Closs Mail Privilegou Authorized at Fall River. Mass. Cafrh@~;c Press Must Project True Image set VANCOUVER (NC-Cathol,ie journalists must themselves the tas~ of building an "efficient empire of information and .interpretation" which can be ex~ended to the general community., This was the goal set by John A. O'Connor, editor of the MOD- must be avoided in projecting an 0;-0"; newspaper of the San image: a "narcissistic parochiaIFJrancisco archdiocese, in the 'ism,'" and "press agentry for per. ~ynote speech at the 51st sonalities." lW.nual convention of the CathQHC Press Association here. Speaking to some 300 delet!tates gathered under the theme, ....l 'Qe Image of the Church-As I'..lshioned by the Catholie l~ss," Mr. O'Connor said: "'!l'his communication with ,the «eooral commlinity must carry 'Wuth it an image of the Church that is not a caricature, is not a ' fossil, but a true image of the Mystical Body as the family of Cod toiling and winning our way foward the Parousia." The image must be presented, be ~aid, in terms the community understands-Ua community that may be pluralistic in' historical l"Oots, but is now calloused by aecl.llar conditioning." Establishment of communica€ion with secular culture is the key to the projection of' the Church's proper image, he said. uThe image must not be an Institutional image. Nor a hierarchial image. It must be a human image-heart speaking to beart," he said. Mr. O'Connor said two perils SISTER MARY VITAL' S i ste r Teaches In Same School For 50 Years In 1958 Sister Mary Vital, SS:CC. celebrated her golden jubilee as a Sist~r of the Sacred Hearts and Perpetual accurately. TweJ;lty-one parishes are members of the honor group that have already exceeded the)r 1960 final total. They are: Blessed Sacrament, Faq River; Holy Name, Fall River; Immaculate Conception, Fall River; St. Anthony of the' Desert, Fall River; St. Matthew, Fall River; St. Roch, Fall River;' Santo Christo, Fall Riverj Holy Rosary, New Bedford,; St. Joseph, - New Bedford; St. Lawrence, New Bedford; 81. John, Attleboro; St. Bernard, Assonet; O. L. of Victory, Centerville; St. Mary, Norton; Mt. Carmel, SeekOJ?k; St. Patrick, Somerset; St. Thomas More, Somerset; O. L. of Fa~ima, Swansea; St. Dominic, . Swansea; St. Louis de France, 'Swansea; St. Augustine, Vineyard Haven. Parish standings are: , FALL RIVER st. Mary $8,101.75 Blessed Sacrament 1,721.50 Holy Name 18,607.37 Notre Dame 4,899.00 Our Lady of the .Angels 1,544.00 Holy Rosary 1,743.00 Immaculate Conception 5,737.20 'forn to Page Thirty-two PenteeostVigil par- .' "Through both these extremes,· he said, "the ,Church is projected Saturday, the Vigil of Pea-, as a self-interested monolith. teeost, is a day. of ,fast and Adoration. -Now a second 56"In the first, the press 'holds up year anniversary is coming up \ tial abstinence. ,Catholics seven 'a looking glass sO that organiza- _ for the petite gray-haired nun. years of age and over may' tional Christians can admire 'S_unday May 28, the parish' of meat only once. In addition. themselves - like ,puffed up St. Joseph in Fairhaven will be those 31 to 59 years of age weightlifter_in the mirror of going "all out" to honor the remUst also fast-one' full meal. provincial publicity., 'Hgious who has ,taught in iw ,a light breakfas& and • ligh& "In the second, the Churcll's school for 50 years. lunch, and no eaiing in beTum to Page -Twelve Turn to Page Nineteen tween meal&. eM WASHINGTON (NC) Kenneth B. Keating of New York said he could not understand "how anyone 'l1he SenQtor~s ~~ssed vie\W; were e. . the country this 'Sunday in observing Catholic Youth Adora~ tion Sunday. Rev. Walter A. SUllivan, Dioc~ 'eson CYO Director, has explained that observances will be on a parish rather than an area or diocesan level in keeping w~th the CYO ideal that the parish is the heart of the community and the basic unit 0& the Church. C> - Many parishes of the Diocese are f eat uri n g Communion Breakfasts, Holy Hours and oth:er ~piritual projects planned by CYO members themselves. An estimated five milliOil Catholic young people through_ out,the country will take part ia these services marking the fifth annual Youth Adoration Day. , They' will observe the day b7' attendin~ Mass, receiving Holy Commumonand spending time in 'private prayer befoPe the Bless~ ~aci·ament. The observance is' held eaeIl year on Pentecost Sunday. " Msgr. Joseph' E. Schiedel; director of the Youth Department, National Catholic WeImre' Conference, ,which sponsors the' day, ask,ed that young people" pray :for tl~ree special intentionst +he success of the coming ecu;. menical council and the reunion of all Ch,:"isti~n churches; the dedication 01. youtlf to Christ ill the Holy Euchal'list aRd continUed growth 01. personal sanctity; and the regeneration of personai and public standards of moral 1'lesponsibility. Thousands of prayer canis and posters have been distributed to dioceses throughout the countr,r in connection with the event. WASHINGTON (NC) , Postmaster General J. Ed.. w:ard Day has reaffirmed his intention to seek higher ~en. a~uth. Members of the CathoJie Youth Organization of the Fall River Diocese will join their counterparts all over Insists Religious Publications Pay More Postage 'Se~ator Scores Filth Prrc~iU'eers with a conscience can knowingly profit from the publication and sales of pornographic literature." ~he legislator told the Senate "it is imperative that steps be taken, both private and govel'mental, at aU levels, to stem the growth of this industry." He asserted there "is no nat"'nal resource so precious as the energy of our nation's youth" ~~d that if this energy "is chan~cl.ed into immoral and unpro€urctive activities" it would be tl disservice <to the nation and to Pentecost ',r">" I, f' k_~ as !he obtained permi9L ....-'--~:-.. .._' Glon for repl'inting in the ConSIX SETS ,OF TWINS: There's nothing unusual about twins making their firs,t Holy (Wessional 'Record an artk:le, tiBilth Pays Big Dividends," bV Communion. But thel'e was something unusual when six sets of twins were among those Wice Ogle, whiob appeared in ~ receiving for the first time at St. Lawrence's Church, New Bedford last Sunday. Left to V2e February issue of the vtcright, from front row to rear, are Margaret and Patricia Lowney, Deborah and Frank Gon(;Mian magazine, published by tiather Baker~ ~omes 0& ~ ~lves, Marsha ami Martha Healey, Janice and James Santos, Thomas and Barbara Hemingw~ Edward mld Berbar-a Sylvia. ~~ ., , second and third-class mailing rates on religious, non-profit publications. This was, reported by Father Albert J. Nevins, M.M., presi. dent of the Catholic Press Association. He was among eight representatives of religious pub~ lications who met privately with Mr. Day. Father Nevins termed the hour-long session a "very disap~ pointing" meeting. The priest is editor of Maryknoll magazine. Fear Heavy Burden Mr. Day has asked Congress to raise postal rates in all categories. His request would raise by -, one-fourth of a, cent the minimum per piece rate for re.ligious publicationl sent by second-cla!/s mail. The present minimum is one-eighth of a cent. The present additional rate of on~ and one-half cents per pound would remain. In addition, MI'. Day's request would raise the minimum per piece l'ate of third-class mail sent by non-profit groups. It would go from one and onequarter of a' cent to one and three-quarters. Spokesmen for religious pub-I1.cations told a House committee recently tnat the proposed TUI'D to pag.e Twelve


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