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E D U C ATO R G U I D E This Educators Guide was designed for use in conjunction with field trips to the Spanish Sojourns exhibition, or for use as a stand‐alone classroom resource. The materials included here contain curriculum connections aligned with Common Core and Georgia Professional Standards for 4th grade Visual Arts, Language Arts, Social Studies and Math, but are adaptable for use at other grade levels. La Madrileñita, 1910, oil on canvas. Calero (Antonio Baños), 1908, oil on canvas. In Spanish Sojourns, Telfair Museums has brought together a wide range of Robert Henri‟s paintings from his many trips to Spain+ Henri himself was highly regarded as a teacher as well as an artist and instrumental in forming „The Eight‟ a group of American artists from the Ashcan School+ Like many Americans in the early 20th century, Henri was fascinated with Spain, attracted by the sunny climate and spirited people. His particular interest in the people of Spain is evident in his paintings from the country— nearly all of them portraits. Henri tended to paint certain segments of the population, of them the most predominant were dancers (or bailarinas), bullfighters and people whom he called „gypsies‟+ The artist captured each of his subjects with dignity and humanity, whether paisanos (peasants) or members of high society.

Spanish Sojourns Educators Guide

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