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THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER FOR DRAKE UNIVERSITY SINCE 1884 THE TIMES-DELPHIC WHAT’S INSIDE DES MOINES, IOWA • Thursday, October 1, 2009 • VOL. 128, NO. 7 • BUSTED OUTSPOKEN DOGTOWN FOOTBALL Drake cracks down on illegal downloading in residence halls. What are students’ thoughts on the new netbooks that the library now offers? An inside look at how local businesses profited from the festival. A preview of this weekend’s matchup against PFL-rival Valparaiso. PAGE 5 FEATURES PAGE 3 OPINIONS PAGE 5 FEATURES PAGE 8 SPORTS EMMY-NOMINATED photo by TYLER O’NEIL |Relays Editor DES MOINES CITY COUNCIL delayed the parking ban on 27th Street. City council reverses 27th Street parking ban by MATT PRUETT Staff Writer the good times.” Moore is in her third year of law school. The Salisbury, N.C., native received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in english literature from North Carolina Central University. She said that she has always wanted to write and sees it as an outlet for expression. Professor of law librarianship Karen Wallace met with Moore after the author began working for the law library in 2008. The Des Moines City Council temporarily overturned recent limitations on parking availability on 27th Street at its meeting Monday night. The decision came after students and council members expressed frustration with the policy’s implementation. Last Wednesday, a parking policy went into effect that banned students from parking on the east side of 27th Street between Carpenter Avenue and Forest Avenue. The city’s Traffic Safety Committee passed the ban last week, upon Drake University’s request. University administration cited concerns over pedestrian safety and logistical difficulties for snowplows in the winter. Students were informed of the changes through a campuswide e-mail and a notice posted on BlueView last Tuesday, one day before the ban went into effect. No signs were posted on 27th Street until Tuesday afternoon. Bridgette Huntley (L2), a Drake Law School student, spoke out against the new policy at the council meeting. She filed a petition against the ban, which she said had over 300 signatures. “There was no adequate notice of the ban and Drake hasn’t offered alternative parking to students,” Huntley said. Jolene Schmidt, director of operations and support services at Drake University, provided maps at the council meeting that displayed parking alternatives provided by the university. She reiterated Drake’s concern about the limited access for garbage trucks, emergency vehicles and snowplows under past policy. Schmidt said that she understood students’ frustration with limited parking on campus and with the prices for parking passes. “I understand issues with the price of parking, but if you look at our prices compared to peer institutions we’re right in the middle,” Schmidt said. Council members were disappointed in how Drake implemented the ban. Christine Hensley of Ward III said that Drake’s notification to students made it appear that the council had ordered the ban, rather than issuing it as Drake’s request. This was the first time the council had read the ban. The council decided to withdraw the ban and rescind all tickets issued by police, until the matter is discussed again in two weeks. “We didn’t expect this to be controversial,” City Manager Rick Clark said. Director of facility services Mark Chambers said that he felt Drake had followed the appropriate protocol. “I was surprised at the city’s attitude,” SEE MOORE, PAGE 2 SEE 27TH STREET, PAGE 2 photo courtesy of JOE BARLOW JOE BARLOW (AS,J4) AND TOM RAPP (J4) traveled to Minneapolis for the regional Emmy award show for their television show “Words.” “Words with Joe Barlow” was nominated for a 2009 regional Emmy award by ANN SCHNOEBELEN Staff Writer Black pinstripe pants paired with a crisp, white dress shirt and a thin black tie. The jacket that completes the ensemble is also black, embellished with velvet trim on the collar and the pockets. “Here’s my suit,” Joe Barlow said. “I’m here for the Emmys, man.” The regional Emmys that is. Nominated by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in the category of On-Camera Talent as a Program Host/ Moderator, Barlow (AS, J4) attended the 2009 Emmys Gala in Minneapolis last Saturday. And he wore a suit. “I wore it to Prom, too,” he said. “I bought it. I own it. And it’s not very often you get to wear a suit.” The first Drake TeleMedia production to receive an Emmy nomination, “Words with Joe Barlow,” was also the only collegiate nominee this year. The compilation that earned Barlow his nomination is 15 minutes long and includes clips from the six-episode season of “Words” that aired last semester on College Channel 16. Barlow didn’t think it was too difficult to put his composite together. He said he avoided things where he thought his parents would say, SEE BARLOW, PAGE 2 Law student publishes children’s novel by MARIAH MARCONI Staff Writer Drake University Law School student Sh’Myra Moore (L3) is celebrating the recent publication of her children’s novel. Through her book, entitled “A Warm Fuzzy Day,” Moore intends to help children deal with the everyday stresses of being a kid. She encourages children to find the “warm fuzzies” in their lives – the details and activities that may help alleviate stress levels – and incorporate these into their bad days. She said that she hopes the novel will allow children to express concerns and constructively manage their problems. After working on the novel for three years, Moore said she was excited to have finally finished and published her work. The novel was published by Haci Publishing and is intended for beginning readers. “I used to teach elementary education while getting my undergraduate degree, and I realized that kids get stressed out, too,” Moore said. “I wanted to write a novel to help kids deal with their stress and to remember

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