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>>Volleyball survives five-set thriller >> Page 6 The Times-Delphic Campus Elections Two continue on in run-off election tonight Sarah Fulton Staff Writer The first-year senator election continues as the run-off candidates finish campaigning after the announcements last Wednesday. The run-off candidates are Cole Schwartz, a health sciences pre-med major from Forest City, Iowa; and Mollie Wheeler an international business major from Des Moines. Voting will be open to first-year students until 11:59 p.m. tonight. Results will be announced at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday morning. Times-Delphic: What was your reaction to finding out you were in the runoff? Mollie Wheeler: “I was really excited. They said my name first, so I did not even have to wait. My heart was beating so fast when they were about to announce it, and it was really exciting. It is stressful because I have to campaign all over again, but it is good to get another chance to get more votes and hopefully win.” Cole Schwartz: “I was excited. I had put in a lot of hard work throughout the week. A lot of people told me it would go to a run-off just based on the way the voting Homecoming Monday October 08, 2012 Student Senate Allocation for International Night stirs debate at Senate Alec Hamilton Staff Writer Luke Nankivell | photo editor STUDENTS CLAP FOR COLE SCHWARTZ (center) on Wednesday night as he found out that he and MOLLIE WHEELER (not pictured) were in a run-off election for First-Year Senator. was set up, so that was the goal. Just kind of relief and excitement.” TD: Why did you decide to run? CS: “Initially, my interest before coming to college, student government at my school was not a big deal — all they did was plan dances. Coming to college, I knew I would have a lot more op- portunity to actually influence for the people I was representing ... Coming here, I just met a lot of really cool people and became really excited at the prospect of representing them. What better excuse to go and meet all of these people than running for elected office? I guess part of (it) was just the perks of getting to know a lot of people, whether or not I won. At the same time, I feel like I could bring a lot to the table because I am good with communicating with people and getting their ideas across.” MW: “It was kind of a last minute thing. I got the forms the night before they were due. I had gone to the first senate meeting, and it looked really fun. I had already been >> FIRST-YEAR, page 2 Student Senate was lively and somewhat heated last Thursday as it debated the passing of several motions, including the allocation of money for International Night. The International Student Association appeared before Senate requesting the allocation of $800 to help put on its annual International Night on Nov. 17. The event features ethnic food and performances/shows from around the world. The discussion and debate over the Student Fees Allocation Committee’s allocation of $600 toward the event quickly turned controversial when representatives from ISA revealed they had already received funding in the annual budget from Student Senate in the amount of another $800. Due to a miscommunication between the outgoing and incoming leadership, the original allocation of $800 was in-line with past requests for funding. However, this year ISA wishes to LIVE BAND KARAOKE helped ring in the end of Homecoming Week at Drake University on Friday. During the event, the Homecoming King and Queen were crowned. Dominic Johnson received the king’s crown, and Laura Vollmer was crowned queen. Students were able to sing with a live band and participate in other activities such as coloring. decrease ticket prices and, therefore, hopefully increase participation, hence its request of additional one-time funding of $800. Sen. James Ley made a motion at the beginning of discussion to amend the allocation of $600 to the full $800 ISA had requested from SFAC. “I feel like this is one of the few times on campus when you have the opportunity to interact with students from all around the world,” Ley said. “Yes, there were mistakes made, but they wish to increase attendance. I move to amend the motion and give the full $800.” This started debate on the amendment with many senators voicing strong opposition to the amendment on the grounds that senate was going over SFAC’s head and not trusting them to do their jobs. This criticism was met by the assertion that Student Senate has the final say in all motions and can amend resolutions as they wish. Ultimately, the amend- >> SENATE, page 2 Jeremy Leong | staff photographer Campus Calendar >>> Monday Tuesday Wednesday > J Mase III, Poet, > 7 p.m. > Pomerantz Stage > Drake Symphony Orchestra Concert > 7:30 p.m. > Sheslow > Lecture — Life After Drake > 7 p.m. > Sussman Theatre > Drag Show > 9 p.m. > Pomerantz Stage <<< Check it out THE TIMES-DELPHIC |TIMESDELPHIC.COM THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER FOR DRAKE UNIVERSITY SINCE 1884 TWITTER @TIMESDELPHIC FACEBOOK Drake University, Des Moines THE TIMES-DELPHIC Vol. 132 | No. 11 | Oct. 08, 2012

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