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FREE s Friday, June 21, 2013 ATHLETES OF THE YEAR Taste of Tacoma B3 SLUGFEST B1 A6 Y YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER - 26 YEARS OF SERVICE CITY SEEKS ADVISORS ON STREET-CROSSING ISSUES By Steve Dunkelberger do not exist, but they are also making a call for volunteers to serve on a Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Group, or BPTAG, to advise the newly created Transportation Commission on bicycle and pedestrian planning, transportation regulation compliance, project prioritization and implementing the city’s mobility master plan including X See ADVISORS / page A4 PHOTOS BY HARALD HOHENDORF RENEGADE SIDEWALKS. Mysterious “sidewalks” and “bike lanes” appeared downtown, prompting city officials to threaten prosecution of the vandals but also call for the formation of an advisory task force on pedestrian and bicycle safety. A recent rash of guerrillaart sidewalk crossings and bike lanes popping up during latenight painting parties around the city has prompted Tacoma officials to take notice. City officials pledge to prosecute those responsible for painting illegal crosswalks where ones Talk of a tent city is back SHELTERS OVERFLOWING COLLABORATION NEEDED GOOD FOR TACOMA? By Kathleen Merryman Tacomans are once again discussing a tent city. We had this conversation a decade ago, when street activist Hank Montgomery confronted the needs of homeless people – and all the people who were trying in good faith to meet those needs. It was a caustic experience, though. On the bright side, Montgomery did end up with housing. He is doing well, and is happily married. In the decade since, the people who dedicate their lives to trying to end homelessness have made progress. They have adopted strategies that work for families, teens, veterans, people with disabilities, addicts and those with mental illness. Catholic Community Services took over the decrepit and dangerous shelter run by Martin Luther King Housing and Development Association. Tacoma Avenue Shelter is safe, clean, flexible, and connects guests with the other services they need. Guests with jobs can keep their bunks and come and go to meet their work hours. People waiting to get in have a covered space, with snacks. Security looks out for both guests and neighbors. Coalition to End Homelessness members have brought in money for more programs, more beds. Tacoma Rescue Mission built a family shelter on Adams Street. Associated Ministries runs Access Point for Housing, a central place for people to seek emergency or transitional shelter. MDC and Catholic Community Services are building secure housing for people who have been homeless for years. They attract government, foundation and private attention because their programs X See TENT CITY / page A4 Dream come true A6 OLYMPIA SUPERGROUP: Mosquito Hawk returns to Tacoma for show at New Frontier. PAGE B5 TOTEM POLE GETS NEW LEASE ON LIFE City arts and landmarks commissions vote to keep civic icon a viable presence By Dave R. Davison T PHOTOS BY STEVE DUNKELBERGER IN JEOPARDY. During a routine examination of the Tacoma Totem Pole last April, structural engineers found that the integrity of the city icon was compromised by rot and insect damage. Deemed a “falling hazard,” the 110-year-old pole was fenced off and braced up while its fate is considered by city officials. Nate Tenbrink A7 City Briefs ................A2 Pothole Pig ...............A3 Unusual girl B4 Sports ......................A6 A&E ....................... ..B1 he Tacoma Totem Pole in Fireman’s Park seems to be out of the woods. The 110-year-old civic landmark’s ultimate fate was brought into question in April when structural engineers found that the totem pole – which stands over 80 feet above Fireman’s Park – was deemed to be a “falling hazard.” Rot and insect damage had compromised a considerable portion of a cross-section of the log from which the totem pole is made. A fence was promptly placed around its base and a sturdy metal brace was erected to keep the pole standing. A hastily assembled, ad hoc group was formed to consider the problem and make a recommendation to the Tacoma Landmarks Commission. The May meeting touched off something of a crisis with its recommendation that the totem pole be taken down, laid on the ground and allowed to rot X See POLE / page A5 Facebook: Twitter: @Tacomaweekly Tumblr: Pinterest: Flickr:ÁLFNUFRPWDFRPDZHHNO\ Make A Scene ........ B5 Calendar ................. B6 Look for daily updates online! Two Sections | 20 Pages

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