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P O R T F O L I O : I N T E R I O R D E S I G N Sweet Leaf Tea Headquarters p r o j e c t  Sweet c l i e n t  Sweet Designed by San Antonio firm Wiese Hefty Design Build, Leaf Tea Headquarters, Austin the Austin headquarters of Sweet Leaf Tea highlights Leaf Tea Company a r c h i t e c t  Wiese the company’s brand while also displaying its eclectic Hefty Design Build d e s i g n t e a m  Kristin office culture. The architects used building information Wiese Hefty, AIA General Contractor modeling (BIM) software to design the almost 8,000-sf c o n s u l t a n t s  Spaulding Structural Engineering (structural); Design space, which is an adaptive reuse of a 1918 building in Build Lighting (lighting); Power Quality Engineering (MEP) the Penn Field office complex. The project team gutted p h o t o g r a p h e r  Philip the building to expose its structure, then devised an c o n t r a c t o r  Qual-Con Thomas open-grid interior that balances the building’s historical r e s o u r c e s concrete restoration : Penca Construction; metal laminate : quality with modern requirements. A restrained material Wilsonart (Travis Tile Sales); Design; plastic fabrications : Paul Mair palette was used, with knotty cedar added to existing metal / wood doors wood elements. The interior was configured as three architectural woodwork : Hiatt & Kramer Co.; and windows : RACO (Hull Supply); unit skylights : Metalux; glass : Listo “buildings,” one each for a conference room, offices, Glass; decorative glazing : Sun Pro Tint (Listo Glass); gypsum board : and a kitchen/multi-use area (also available for public Temple-Inland; lighting : functions). New skylights enhance interior daylighting, DaSal Industries, Solavanti, Spectrum Lighting, Texas Flourescent which comes predominantly from east-facing windows (Elliot Electric Supply); and is partially blocked by a large, unmovable air-con- tile : Autodesk (D|C|CADD) American Tile; signage : emergency lighting : Joan Bell; Emergi-Lite; software : 4 1 5 6 2 6 6 3 6 7 6 6 6 ditioning plenum. Drywall partitions and MDF counters 9 add durable, low-cost accents to high-use areas. The 8 project was completed at a cost just under $355,000. N O E L L E H E I N Z E FLOOR PLAN 1 LOBBY/RECEPTION 2 MAIN CONFERENCE 3 SMALL CONFERENCE 4 LOUNGE 5 KITCHEN 6 OFFICES 7 MAIN OFFICE AREA 8 MEDIUM CONFERENCE 9 SHOWER/CHANGING 5 / 6 2 0 1 1 T E X A S A R C H I T E C T 69

Texas Architect May/June 2011: Context

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