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For alumni and friends of Schenectady County Community College fall 2013 a l u m NEWS Inside this issue 3 Canal Side Café and Convenience Store Opens 5 Faculty Author Commencement Highlights 7 Upcoming Music Events 8 Donors Recognized 10 Class Notes 15 Donor Listing [ Save The Date! ] 23rd Annual Food for Thought and All That Jazz Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 5:30 to 9 p.m. SCCC Campus This year’s Food for Thought and All That Jazz celebration is not to be missed! Enjoy fabulous food and music prepared and presented by Culinary Arts and SCCC Music students at this annual signature event. Proceeds support students and SCCC’s continued growth and development. Please contact the Development Office at (518) 381-1324 for ticket information and reservations. [ Help SCCC Go Green! ] Join SCCC in our efforts to be more environmentally and economically friendly. Let us send you the next issue of AlumNews electronically. Simply e-mail your name, class year and e-mail address to, indicating that you would like to receive AlumNews electronically from now on, and we’ll add you to our e-mail list. Students Enrolled in New Academic Programs this Fall This fall, SCCC began offering five new academic programs: Biology Concentration (part of the Science A.S.), Casino and Gaming Management (A.A.S.), Drama Concentration (part of the Liberal Arts A.A.), Honors Concentration (also part of the Liberal Arts A.A.) and Supply Chain Management (A.A.S.). Students can now choose from more than 45 majors, the most diverse academic array in the College’s history. Along with the new programs, new faculty members have joined the SCCC community. From an executive with Nabisco, to an actor/director looking to expand the boundaries of theater, the faculty within these new programs are sharing their real-world experiences and expertise with their students. Through the new Biology Concentration, students will now be able to transfer seamlessly into four-year institutions as they pursue careers in biological, environmental, and biomedical sciences. Faculty in the Math, Science, Technology and Health Division proposed the new concentration after hearing feedback from students wishing to transfer for bachelor’s degrees. Dr. Brian Hagenbuch, a biologist and new Dean of the Division, sees clear advantages for students enrolled in the new concentration. “The biology concentration at SCCC is well positioned to begin broadly training the next generation of biologists who will expand our knowledge of the natural world and contribute to improving the human condition,” Dr. Hagenbuch said. “Our program is especially geared toward students interested in medical fields, cell and molecular biology, and biotechnology, and we are also working to broaden our curriculum with additional offerings.” Kim Otis, a longtime adjunct in the School of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism, now Continued on page 4...

Alum News Fall 2013

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