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$5.00 Quarter 1 • 2013 oreline EnergyExploration, Corp. Development and Production of Petroleum and Natural Gas GELES CALIFORNIA, DECEMBER 5TH, 2012. n Ticker: SEQ.TO RO CONFERENCE ter TSX: SEQ Retweet Cover Story: Shoreline Energy (6) mbleUpon Digg StockNewsNow Radio Gary McKenzie (8) e Energy Corp. pe E A Rational, Practical and Logical Approach to General Solicitation (9) Organic Alliance (14) Technorati Ask Mr. WallStreet (15) NIA, DECEMBER 5TH, 2012. Tube LinkedIn @StockNewsNow Raptor Ranch (16) Marksmen Energy (70) TheraKine Limited (25) AL International (72) AccuHealth (28) Investing in Micro-Caps by Chris Lahiji (30) Kesselrun Resources (58) Graphite One Resources (66) Targeted Market Awareness by Robert “Bobby” Kraft (68) Micro-Cap Insurance Corner (86) Matmown (92)

Micro-Cap Review Magazine Quarter 1 – 2013

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