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weekend Michigan State University’s independent voice | 3/21/14 | @thesnews CULTURE From tear gas to charred couches, there’s one Village that never sleeps Julia Nagy/The State News People walk through Cedar Village on Saturday evening. There was a broken and stained window in the stairwell of one of the buildings. State news file photo A shirt is burned during a riot in the streets of Cedar Village on Dec. 8, 2013. By Celeste Bott and Lauren Gibbons, THE STATE NEWS nn U nassuming by day, a party by night. At least, that’s how the legend goes. Established in 1968, Cedar Village was built as a way to bring students together. A housing complex close to campus that offered students a neighborhood of their own Julia Nagy/The State News Premedical junior Lauren Reed talks to East Lansing resident Kyle Sceschney during a party at his apartment Saturday at Cedar Village. There was another party next door, which many cycled in and out between the two. To see an interactive web story about the culture of Cedar Village, visit See CEDAR VILLAGE on page 2 u more inside Student speed racers build their own cars Mechanical engineering sophomores Chris Churay, right, and Dan Riggs cut through a mould Wednesday, at the MSU Engineering Research Facility, 2857 Jolly Road, in Okemos. Danyelle Morrow/The State News FEATURES, pG. 5 ‘I didn’t do that’ Suspect in Dominique Nolff’s murder is charged campus+city, pG. 3 On to the next one Men’s basketball defeats Delaware in first round of NCAA tourney Senior center Adreian Payne Betsy Agosta /The State News SPORTS, pG. 6

Friday 3/21/14

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