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Dwayne Harris clutch in Dallas’ 31-16 victory over Washington Sports, B-1 Monday, October 14, 2013 Locally owned and independent 75¢ Our View: Team name controversy won’t die It’s not the most important thing in the world, but the name of Washington’s NFL team does matter. OpInIOns, A-11 FAMILY s ll back the rein It’s time to pu NEW MEXICAN 14, 2013 THE A-9 ‘Because I said so’ is enough of an explanation Monday, October vancy : The Nature Conser Get back to nature Fe Canyon Reserve, Santa 29. hosts a hike at ay. Call 946-20 1-2:30 p.m. Thursd d a bad r has develope ng, 5-year-old daughte r I refuse her somethi Question: My s. She with me wheneve habit of arguing me when I tell you she is relentles but as anything. Believeargue until I put her in her room, to will continue out, she starts up again. soon as I let her a therapist friend who with to I shared this daughter is trying told me that my control the relationto me, ate her putting manipul to just continue it ship. She said r it happens, and in her room wheneveDo you agree? stop. will eventually you are not in a formal Answer: Since since this therapist, John relationship with answer your question: I can At age By Dr. Jane Sadler she’s a friend, Rosemond News y do not agree. The Dallas Morning No, I most definitelbrain has not develLiving With ’s I told the boy 5, your daughter consciously, with male was in tears. in Children te to participa oped the ability manipulate someone. that he could not middle school ice aforethought, hic ability does not the upcoming because his That very sociopat until age 12 or so. football game healed. k is argument. not completely develop, on average, pushback, and pushbac thing to invite one foot fracture had and dad were supportit’s ng, Explanations r asks for somethigo on and on about why Thankfully, mom we were able to manage to When your daughte It’s quite another daughter, for example, ive, and together until he was back to 100 simply say “No.” your Fantastic doll “No.” You tell their son’s injury a new Princess cost too you are saying they injured going to buy her percent. to their sick or that you’re not enough of them already, and rebuttal, as in, with a When it comes because she has responds with usually comply Your daughter besides, this is the one everychildren, parents But sometimes, parents ate in a ‘Heads anyway. particip much and Conn., ed to have five getting it and physicians’ orders. in the game before New Britain, a new program dedicat “But Mom, I only for and all my friends are back nes team in is new washing want their kid the Jr. Hurrica this month. Heads Up of increasing aggressiveness e. one’s been waitingcost nearly as much as that Members of trend practice earlier healing is completkids’ physical activities s, to curb a Up Football’ besides, it doesn’t Dad bought last week.” e is football practice Over the years, rigorous, sometimes PRESS the fact that everyon developing safer ASSOCIATED machine you and more KIKE CALVO/THE daughter that that much have become physical capabilities. in the sport. l bone or joint You then tell your isn’t reason enough to pay the new result in abnormacomplaints of doll surpassing their players have getting the new yes, five is enough, and where ng the famsays, and might A child’s of and faster, he Little League baseball development. or decreased range money for it and, is concerned, that was somethi Players are bigger select teams, running nt means that And your severe pain, swelling a visit to the doctor school teams, coaches (the costs d safety equipme washing machine you simply wanted. trigger the game ng improve throwing are and should making somethi is not motion coaches harder, the game on. get your ily needed, enal). Young children players can hit back with … and is to on a single for evaluation. must be phenom almost half a mildaughter comes this game of back-and-forth become focusedaggressive more violent. g to the CDC, is that bigger Mom! in annually Accordin parents “Wow, encouraged to for said: objective rooms Your equals has ever My concern emergency engaged in more to practice agree with ions what no child fear of self-harm lion kids visit sport and are I can’t help but injuries. Concuss daughter to say s. Many return plus faster minus of injuries and more yourself like that,Princess Fantastic doll, for traumatic brainkids’ sports. Just this training schedule injury. When you explain in an elevated numbers things, ’s ll head I don’t need another are not unusual too early after entirely different Hopkins Children you! Of course office saw a volleyba severe injuries. competitive cheerleading and want are two you, Mom, for chilteam According to Johns past week, my and of course need enough dolls as it is. Thank You’re a really to 45 million U.S. The advent of growing results of a dance two have sent injury and the Center, 30 millioncompete in specialized, has added to the g to and of course I help me understand all of this. it? collision, which and tumbling 18 to injuries. Accordin2011, Centers head-to-head dren ages 6 to of you, isn’t taking the time nd sports. The y in number of complex that’s pretty silly of arguing Sports Academ most girls to the hospital.sobering fact: By age 13, intensive, year-rou and Prevention reports super Mom!” Now,your daughter has a bad habit of picking the United States ble for the Here is another kids drop out of youth for Disease Controlmillion children are you said ding is responsi injuries in the has the bad habit way to Lastly, of who 2.6 cheerlea you It’s percent than . The sport year for up to 70 cited, accordthat more throws it down. with you. I disagree cy rooms each three reasons catastrophic femaleranks second only to whenever she sports. The top ide campaign treated in emergen up the gauntlet U.S. Cheerleading catastrophic sports inju- ing to the Safe Kids Worldw and parents. injuries. : lated gauntlet all Southern sports-re not pick up the nothing more. Richardson, a adults, coaches source of football among and neck injuries and or why not, website 2009: My friend Mike ty Hall of Fame running s to know why u Say “No” and been a lifelong that many ries (such as head daughter demand discarded What could have USAA reports has witMethodist Universi u When your competition is fatalities). The Houston Oiler, r to and falls do more . I said so.” exercise or fun back and former intensity and competitiveleaving your daughteon to say, “Because stress and burnout cheerleading injuries of and walk away, tackled by a profesdue to injuries, need to pull back on the nessed the rise sports over the last few ndmothers were u Turn around damage than being ’s both a juices. Our great-gra Sometimes we player. ness in children tive sports. As love professional football stew in her own susceptible sional football n, I know. also are more reins of kids’ competi decades. As a retired r middle school foots and major and physicia Young athletes something, you parents’ question school developing bones rk skills and physical-fitness player and a voluntee Rosemond answers to injuries. With plates (areas of develop- that sports help build teamwo tells me that today’s strength. But psychologist John ball coach, Mike far larger than what the and growth ce s, Family weaker are enduran ligament are at www.ros s can football bone growth) improve both weight rooms on his web site his professional some sports activitie ing cartilage and tendons and ligaments. the intensity of Oilers used. During was not required. physical limits. for, their attached their time than training beyond press kids lack of recovery career, weight training continand Injury to, and school weight year-round to lifelong pain Today, middle areas can lead high school these and n, le.” incredib ues off-seaso is “even more his workout intensity got a gift card for er of injuries Elevated numb ls need in kids’ sports signa ssion to ease up on aggre H ‘Because I said so’ High-tech specs Columnist John Rosemond advises parents to avoid pushback by saying these four magic little words. Get ready to see new technology designed for those stuck with old-fashioned prescription eyeglasses. FAMILY, A-9 TECH, A-7 Rising to the challenge Weddings, births . and anniversaries B-X Connections, Use these words about the hristopher is learning at a very importance of saving has a early age. His school all a local bank and to partnership with ______________ students are strongly savings accounts. participate by opening © 2013 by Vicki Whiting, to fill in the blanks Graphics Editor Jeff Schinkel, Vol. 29, No. 44 of these coins. Then Add up the value you could purchase circle all the items with this amount. Sunday talks hit dead end Ethan of these birthday. Which buy? he T-shirts should always as isn’t Spending money seems. simple as it in this article. to save He says he wants he for two things. First, so wants to be a doctor for save he will need to Then he ____________. his own wants to save for Santa Fe artist, climber tackles rare form of cancer, then peaks for charity Senators fail to break stalemate as spending impedes budget deal A year ago, Santa Fe transplant Iris Vazquez climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to commemorate her recovery from liver cancer. COURTESY IRIS VAZQUEZ By Donna Cassata The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans and Democrats hit an impasse Sunday over spending in their lastditch struggle to avoid an economyjarring default in just four days and end a partial government shutdown that’s entering its third week. After inconclusive talks between President Barack Obama and House Republicans, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., took charge in trying to end the crises, although a conversation Sunday afternoon failed to break the stalemate. “I’m optimistic about the prospects for a positive conclusion to the issues before this country today,” Reid said as the Senate wrapped up a rare Sunday session. Please see BUDgET, Page A-4 PHYSICIANS MEDICAL CENTER Iris Vazquez hikes the Atalaya Trail on Saturday. She’s one of 13 women selected by the Peaks Foundation for its 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge next October in South America, and she’s preparing by hiking in the mountains around Santa Fe. LUIS SÁNCHEZ SATURNO/THE NEW MEXICAN By Anne Constable The New Mexican A year from now, Iris Vazquez hopes to be standing on the top of Licancabur, a 19,404-foot peak in Bolivia. She’s one of 13 women selected by the Peaks Foundation for its 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge next October in South America. In addition to Licancabur, the women plan to climb Cerro Oportus (4,772 feet) in Chile and Huayna Picchu (8,920 feet) in Peru. The climbers also will raise money to support women and girls in mountain communities. Meanwhile, the Santa Fe transplant is hiking in the mountains around the city. She regularly climbs Atalaya, the popular mountain trail east of the city, in her light purple REI hiking shoes that she bought for last year’s ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro. She also trains with Ralph Bolton at Buddha Fitness Club at the Railyard and studies tai chi with Grand Master Daniel Walker. “I’m getting strong, meeting a challenge and raising money to do good in the world,” Vazquez said. Please see CLIMBER, Page A-4 Records of conflict, cooperation reveal wisdom throughout time ABOUT THE sERIEs The Santa Fe Institute is a private, nonprofit, independent research and education center founded in 1984, where top researchers from around the world gather to study and understand the theoretical foundations and patterns underlying economies, ecosystems, conflict, disease, human social institutions and the global condition. This column is part of a series written by researchers at the Santa Fe Institute and published in The New Mexican. Index Calendar A-2 O ne of the basic principles of science is that good theories extrapolate well. The laws of gravity hold both here and on the moon, and this universality enables us to land a spacecraft on Mars. Darwin drew the theory of evolution from studies of a remote island in the Pacific, but today we use it to explain the emergence of drug-resistant tuberculosis in a city hospital. The theories of gravity and of evolution are two of our greatest scientific achievements. But in contrast to the universal nature of these laws, our understanding of the human world — the messy realm of newspapers and cafes, traffic jams and gossip, governments and social movements — is remarkably limited. Classifieds B-7 Comics B-12 Family A-9 Take, for example, some of the most basic questions in politics. How do societies resolve conflict? How do new methods for resolving conflict emerge? A Simon newspaper story DeDeo can give us incredScience in a ible detail on a parComplex World ticular fight — the war in Syria, say, or the political brinksmanship over “Obamacare.” Yet we have very little idea of how the lessons of a previous conflict might Pasapick Henry shukman and Rodger Kamenetz The poets read from their collections Archangel and To Die Next to You, 6 p.m., Collected Works Bookstore, 202 Galisteo St., 988-4226. More events in Calendar, A-2 and Fridays in Pasatiempo Today Mostly sunny; breezy afternoon. High 65, low 36. Please see sCIEnCE, Page A-5 El Nuevo A-6 Opinions A-11 Editor: Ray Rivera, 986-3033, Design and headlines: Kristina Dunham, Police notes A-10 pAgE A-12 Sports B-1 Tech A-7 Time Out A-8 Main office: 983-3303 Late paper: 986-3010 Hospital mum on center’s future Christus St. Vincent says it’s keeping options open regarding facility By Tom Sharpe The New Mexican Santa Fe’s only general hospital, Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, won’t rule out closing or changing the mission of the smaller south-side hospital known as Physicians Medical Center. A nurse at Physicians Medical Center, located between Rodeo Road and Interstate 25 near St. Francis Drive, told The New Mexican last week that managers and doctors there have told her that Christus St. Vincent is considering closing Physicians Medical Center or turning it into a geriatric psychiatric hospital or a rehabilitation hospital. Asking that her name not be published to protect her job, the nurse said that even though the 20-bed Physicians Medical Center is faring well financially and has an infection rate less than that of the 260-bed Christus St. Vincent, the larger hospital is looking to make up for its financial shortfalls on the back of the smaller one, which it acquired two years ago. “I really want the community to know,” she said. “Any whiff of this would be very helpful.” Please see CEnTER, Page A-4 Two sections, 24 pages 164th year, No. 287 Publication No. 596-440

Santa Fe New Mexican, Oct. 14, 2013

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