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POLITICAL SCIENCE / ECONOMIC CONDITIONS —JIM HIGHTOWER, national radio commentator and New York Times best-selling author “Bold, thorough, and above all inspiring—an energizing and spirited reminder of what it took, and what it will take, to once again make ours a nation of equals.” P I Z Z I G AT I “Only 50 years ago, America ‘soaked’ the rich with a 91 percent income tax. And guess what? America prospered! Not just the rich, but ordinary families. With colorful detail, Sam Pizzigati tells us why we should revisit that policy of prosperity for ALL, rather than for the plutocratic few.” —GAR ALPEROVITZ, author of America Beyond Capitalism A CENTURY AGO, JUST LIKE TODAY, THE RICH $18.95 US / $18.95 CAN ISBN 978-1-60980-434-3 SEVE N STORIES PRESS COVER ART Pyramid of Capitalism, Speldwright, © 2012 Speldwright, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license The Rich Don’t Always Win dominated America, but by the 1950s the rich no longer ruled. The United States had become the first middleclass nation the world had ever seen. What brought about this extraordinary transformation? In The Rich Don’t Always Win, seasoned labor journalist Sam Pizzigati recounts the half-centurylong pitched battle against plutocracy that turned grand estates into college campuses, the wealth of the few into opportunity for the many. Painstakingly researched and joyfully told, The Rich Don’t Always Win digs deep into the historical record and unearths the seldom-remembered struggles that would eventually trim America’s rich down to democratic size, everything from the “conscription of wealth” movement during World War I to the drive a generation later for a cap on the incomes of America’s most financially favored. The Rich Don’t Always Win tells the little-known history of average Americans and their advocates who dared to challenge wealth and power. Along the way, it deftly exposes the bogus rationalizations the rich trotted out to justify their enormous privilege. In the deeply unequal America of today, those half-truths once more plague us. We beat them back once, The Rich Don’t Always Win reminds us. We can beat them back again. The Rich Don’t Always Win “Make room for The Rich Don’t Always Win on your bookshelf right next to Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. ” —BARBARA EHRENREICH, author of Nickel and Dimed THE FORGOTTEN TRIUMPH OVER PLUTOCRACY THAT CREATED THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS, 1900–1970 S A M P I Z Z I G AT I

The Rich Don't Always Win - Excerpt

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