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MAY 2011 – SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT READERS CHOICE AWARDS 2 0 1 1 SHOPPING & SERVICES And the winners are… … All of you! If wealth can be measured by compassion, customer loyalty, professionalism and top-flight service, downtown San Diego can be considered rich beyond measure, as evidenced by this year’s Downtown News Readers Choice Awards 2011. When it comes to the breadth of retail offerings at all ends of the spectrum, we let you — the reader — choose the best of the best in our sophisticated slice of America’s Finest City. What you’ll find in the following pages is a stellar canvas of critical and elective services, a fashion and art scene to be envied by any other cosmopolitan metropolis and a host of health and beauty options that contribute to wellbeing and a sense of self-betterment. These awards recognize the people and places that make our unique community a thriving center of commerce that is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Some of the winners will likely come as no surprise after forging a lengthy track record of consistency and customer service in the community. Others with a lower profile have likewise proven themselves to be valuable business contributors and a Mecca for excellence and alternative choices. Most importantly, the nominees and winners were chosen by our loyal readership, which we value so highly. Take a look inside at this year’s Downtown Readers Choice Awards for shopping and services — a true insider’s judgment of the merchants and service providers who are the backbone of downtown’s exceptional business community.

San Diego Downtown News - Readers Choice Awards 2011: Shopping & Services

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