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DEAR FRIENDS, 501 Crescent Street New Haven, Connecticut 06515-1355 At Southern Connecticut State University we understand that education is an ongoing process, as the quick pace of change in our world demands a flexible workforce and visionary leaders. 2012 report of the president Therefore, we engage in both workforce development and providing a liberal education, preparing our graduates to live and work in a new, knowledge-based economy. SHOWCASING THE SCIENCES Certainly, there has never been a more crucial time for public higher education to stand up and deliver on its promises. By the year 2020, 67 percent of all jobs in Connecticut will require a career certificate or college degree — yet just 46 percent of adults currently have an associate’s degree or higher. To provide more opportunities for our students, Southern is developing new offerings in key workforce areas such as science and technology, highlighted in this annual report. Soon, for example, we will begin construction on a new science building, home to cutting-edge programs in nanotechnology, applied physics and chemistry — the latter featuring a professional science track for students seeking advanced training in both chemistry and business. In this way, we will be supplying more qualified graduates for in-demand fields. And, with 85 percent of our annual graduating class remaining to live and work in the state, an investment in public higher education is clearly an investment in Connecticut’s future. Sincerely, Mary A. Papazian, Ph.D. President

Report of the President 2012

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